Curridabat, San José

Costa Rica is a tourist location unlike any other. Scattered among the big cities such as San José, there are smaller cities that have so much to offer. Curridabat is one of these gems. It is a very modern city with plenty of newly constructed houses and buildings, but at its heart, it is still a very historical and cultural find. Those who are looking for a vacation getaway that is not in a bustling cityscape will find Curridabat an ideal location.

Conveniently Located

Curridabat is the eastern suburb of San José and just a stone's throw from the downtown area of the capital city. It is located along the Inter-American Highway. Travelers will pass through Cartago just before reaching Curridabat. It is an easy commute, but those without personal vehicles can also take the bus, which runs major routes out of the larger cities in Costa Rica to the smaller suburb areas.

Many people who visit this city later decide to put down roots there. It is quickly becoming a popular spot for new homes, including mansions. The fair weather and tropical climate make it a great place to call home.

Take in the Fresh Air

Perhaps the greatest thing about Curridabat is the general atmosphere. Not only are locals welcoming but the stunning views, clean and fresh air entice even the most stressed out person to relax and enjoy the time spent here. It also doesn't hurt that the views feature majestic mountains. The general feeling is calm and serene. It is very easy to acclimate to the laid-back culture in this city.

Explore the Many Things To Do

One of the top things to do in this city is to shop. Costa Rica shopping can be almost like a sport with so many diverse options. Momentum Pinares is a nice stop, featuring a diverse collection of restaurants, small shops, and a theaters. Plaza del Sol is a mall designed after shopping centers in the United States. Much like its U.S. counterparts, this mall has an array of different shops to tickle the fancy of any eager shopper. For a taste of local shopping, visitors can take in the National Artisan Street Market and the International Market of Arts and Crafts.

Outdoor lovers will enjoy the many natural sites Curridabat has to offer. Parks, such as Parque España, Parque Morazán and Central Park, all offer natural beauty that is hard to surpass. In addition, some magestic and beautiful city parks are also both located here.

For the more intellectually minded visitor, Curridabat is home to the University of Costa Rica. The Bugs Museum also is a fun stop for those wishing to learn more about insects. Other spots tourists may want to visit include the Asamblea Legislativa (Legislative Assembly) and the Costa Rica Railroad Station.

For families, a visit to the Kids Museum & National Gallery can be a bright spot for children. Young visitors may also enjoy a stop at the Simón Bolivar Zoo, which is the local zoo where many animal exhibits highlight local and exotic animals.

A Few Last Things

Visitors to the area will quickly discover Curridabat locals are actually transports from other countries who have moved here to this paradise. The city has many government buildings and finding a foreign consulate is fairly easy. There are also many language schools teaching English, and a majority of the people living here also speak English. Curridabat is one of the oldest towns in Costa Rica, but it is very modern due to the influx of foreigners. It is metropolitan in some areas while still maintaining the charm expected of a Costa Rican village.

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Things to Do near Curridabat

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