Negritos Islands Biological Reserve, North Puntarenas

Yellow Naped Parrot on Negritos Island
Yellow Naped Parrot on Negritos Island

Lying in Costa Rica's Nicoya gulf, Negritos Islands Biological Reserve has enthralling views and a trip that dreams are made of; its flora and fauna are sure to leave any visitor breathless. Negritos Islands are part of a group of islands in the Gulf of Nicoya that form a wonderful group of biological reserves. These group of islands can be seen from the ferries that go between Puntarenas & Paquera as well as tourist boat that go to Tortuga Island. Biological reserves were set up in order to protect the flora and fauna in the area. Wildlife on this side of the country is exotic and very important to Costa Rica's biodiversity.

A Nature Lovers Paradise

Made up of two volcanic rocks with tall headlands, Negritos Islands Biological Reserve, is a must-see for bird enthusiasts, beach lovers, and adventurous travelers. The Negritos Islands Biological Reserve has an area of 80 hectares that protects local wildlife. Among the stunning animals that call this area home are frigate birds, laughing seagulls, and parrots. Other members of the avian species dot the biological reserve with color as white-tipped doves, brown boobies, and brown pelicans are found in the area. The biological reserve is also home to several species of birds and fish. Visitors of the Negritos Islands Biological Reserve could also spot for the yellow-naped parrot, a bird whose festive colors are a source of awe and wonder for ornithologists.

A number of trees and plants nestle Negritos Islands Biological Reserve's inhabitants. The semi-deciduous forest provides shelter for the birds in the area. Common trees in the biological reserve are the grumbo-limbo, spiny cedar, lacewood, and frangipani. The monkey's ladder, a creeper, is also very abundant in the biological reserve. Chira and palms are also common in the area. The Negritos Islands Biological Reserve is composed of basalt and breaches of the Nicoya region.

Waters Teeming with Life

The waters of Negritos Islands Biological Reserve are also teeming with wildlife. The spotted red rose snapper, the Pacific red snapper, and the yellow snapper all swim in the seas this part of Costa Rica. Dolphin tuna, hermit crabs, oysters, and mackerel are also found in the waters of the reserve.

As a part of the Gulf of Nicoya, Negritos Islands Biological Reserve and its neighboring islands are accessible by boat. Visitors who are interested in going to the reserve should head to the port city of Puntarenas and take a boat from there. Be advised that you will need to make arrangements prior to getting to Puntarenas.

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