How the Costa Rican government helps Promote Forest Reforestation

Beautiful green forest at Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
Beautiful green forest at Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

A world leader for ecotourism and conservation policies, Costa Rica has pioneered the development of payments for the environmental services. Abundant in flora and fauna, offering a plethora of landscapes and incredible biodiversity, Costa Rica has some of the best land for agriculture, cattle and development. The country has established programs to compensate landowners for reforestation.

Favorable Topography

Low and heavily forested, the country is abundant with good agricultural land. From the Nicoya Peninsula in the northwest to the high peaks of the southwest, the fertile land cultivates coffee, cane, banana, melon and much more. The favorable topography of Costa Rica offers varied cattle land with lush vegetation and beautiful streams.The government of Costa Rica has been seeking inventive ways to protect the private lands of the tropical forests, encouraging the land owners to reforest pastures and making the land available for nondestructive ecological uses.

Deforestation Solution

As an answer to the long-term forest deforestation, Costa Rica’s government encourages land owners to protect the land. This encouragement comes in the form of grants or cash payments to the land owners who sign contracts with the Ministry of Environment. Land owners are able to receive these rewards and even become capable of entering into contract with the ministry for sustainability management. Sustainable management allows the landowners to extract only a certain number of trees from the forest and not ceases illegal deforestation, facilitating in ecological integrity.


Land owners protect their own lands and continue planting trees on the deforested areas. FONAFIFO (National Forestry Financing Fund) pays the land owners certain amounts that are generally based on the environmental services provided by them to the piece of land granted to them. Also this criterion includes tree plantation, safeguarding biodiversity, scenic beauty and water management. These payments are funded through international donations and nationwide taxes, paid for continued services. The initiative is helping to protect the last remnants of forest in the country.

World Unique

Costa Rica’s extensive system of environmental protection is not just advanced for its time but is also unparalleled in the world. Having received a great deal of international attention, this system has been encouraging conservation and reforestation of the land by providing grants for environmental services.

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