Conservation and Non-Profit Organizations

Estuary at Dominical Beach
Estuary at Dominical Beach

A tropical vacation paradise, Costa Rica offers some of the most richest and bio-diverse landscapes in the world. Located in the heart of Central America, this tiny country is home to a countless number of species of animals, birds and exotic plants. Fostering the sentiments of warmth and kindness it allows you to breathe the ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle while you travel through this heaven on Earth.

The conservation efforts in Costa Rica have provided great hope for the continued survival of the marine and costal wildlife and their habitats. A great number of Non-Profit Organizations operate in Costa Rica. These range from institutions that are helping in conservation projects throughout the region to associations that are protecting the rainforests and spreading awareness about preservation. The NPO’s are actively promoting projects such as wildlife and marine turtle conservation, eco-tourism and volunteer vacations for alternative tourism.

Areas of Conservation

The Fund for Costa Rica is a non-profit organization promoting biodiversity conservation in Costa Rica. It is facilitating in 3 major areas of conservation, which include, habitat restoration, environmental diseases and sewage treatment. Organizations like the Association of National Park Volunteers recruits foreign volunteers to help with the maintenance of the conservation sites, protecting marine turtles and working alongside the rangers. Fundación Ríos Tropicales is another non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of some of the country’s major rivers.

Working Together

FCR is closely working with the Manuel Antonio National Park, MINAE (Ministry of Environment and Energy) and the IAFN (International Analog Forestry Network), promoting sustainable agro forestry practices, protecting the flora and fauna of the country and developing strategies to regenerate the ecosystems found in Costa Rica. They have also joined forces with the MINAE’s Central Pacific Conservation Area and the Costa Rica Institute of Technology’s Center for Research in Housing and Construction for implementing technology to eliminate the production of sewage in the National Parks. Also FCR is an active participant of the innovative Manuel Antonio Environmental Defense Program, working against illegal deforestation and supporting the businesses backing the biodiversity conservation.

Model of Biodiversity

These NPO’s carry out conservation efforts to preserve the ecosystems, habitats and endangered species of the country while at the same times helping to enhance the environment. The Non-Profit Organization’s are working to ensure that the country is a model for biodiversity conservation by promoting responsible tourism and conservation programs that are helping to save nature in Costa Rica.

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