MINAET who are they?

Tempisque River at Palo Verde National Park
Tempisque River at Palo Verde National Park

As a resource with enormous potential, the biodiversity in Costa Rica plays an instrumental role in the country’s development. As compared to the other tropical regions in the world, this tiny Latin American country contains great diversity of species and ecosystems.

Conservation Entity

The institution responsible for implementation, management and the administration of biodiversity in Costa Rica is the MINAET (Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Technology). This government agency is responsible for the coordination of all issues regarding conservation and natural resources in the country. Managing the National Parks and Wildlife Refuges of Costa Rica, MINAET responded to the growing conservation needs of the country and created 11 Conservation Areas. The department of SINAC (National System of Conservation Areas) oversees and manages the public lands and is headed by a Directorate that provides technical support. These Conservation Areas undertake a decentralized management of biodiversity with the active participation of the local communities surrounding the protected areas.

Data Units

There are several units in MINAET that includes: Costa Rican Technical Unit, Geology and Mining, Meteorology and the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC). SINAC specializes in policies related to conservation and its management.The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Technology (MINAET) for Costa Rica has developed several conservation programs for the endangered wildlife of the region. It collects vital data, surveys and documents the evidence for marine turtles and jaguar predating. The collected data helps in managing projects related to conservation of animals.

Conservation Increased

MINAET strives for high levels of environmental protection and conservation. The various ongoing projects have helped foster bilateral objectives regarding environmental protection. Thanks to the conservation efforts of MINAET and the support of the private sector, the percentage of protected territory in the country has increased. During the past few years MINAET has been able to ensure that great emphasis is placed on implementing the accumulated studies and methodologies for the benefit of protected areas. Ecotourism, biosphere projects, environmental service payments and medicinal plantation are just some of the programs that it has been able to implement.

Endless Work

The continued efforts of MINAET have facilitated in improving the environmental laws, strengthening the animal preservation policies and increasing public awareness. These objectives have been achieved by training and education of the public sector, broadening the citizen’s participation in preservation projects, technical assistance and through the exchange of information.

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