San Antonio de Escazu, San Jose

Beautiful Church in San Antonio de Escazu
Beautiful Church in San Antonio de Escazu
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Part of the upscale suburb of Escazu, the town of San Antonio de Escazu is one of the three communities that are part of this affluent San Jose neighborhood. Although lying outside of San Jose the town is officially a part of the metropolitan San Jose region.

San Antonio de Escazu is a dairy and agricultural center, with a farming feel. The quaint town boasts fabulous mountain views and fresh weather. It has a beautiful church and just enough houses around its plaza to give it the appearance of a settlement. Although a little odd in color, the church is beautifully set in the town and overlooks the valley of San Jose and the Escazu Mountains. The intense green of the church strikes an interesting contrast to the rest of the town’s houses, making it vividly stand out.

One of the festivals that makes San Antonio de Escazu stand out while providing a glimpse of the rural Costa Rican life to the visitors is the ‘Dia del Boyero’. Also known as the ‘Day of the Oxcart Driver’, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of March and is one of the largest festivals of the country. Oxcarts parade through the sleepy town’s street accompanied by music, dancers and food stalls, making it come alive with their marvelous color.

In the town you will also find the famous wooden carvings of the Biesanz people. One of the Costa Rican craftspeople with their own distinctive style, their exquisite wooden carvings are pieces of real craftsmanship, readily available in the many souvenir shops of San Jose as well as in the Biesanz workshops here in the town.

Accommodations in San Antonio de Escazu vary from luxurious resorts to stately hotels and self-contained cottages, offering spectacular views of the San Jose valley, fine dining experiences and plenty of outdoor activities to keep the guests busy.

Scheduled buses from San Jose Coca-Cola bus terminal leave for San Antonio de Escazu’ regularly and take around half an hour to reach the town. You can take the buses marked ‘San Antonio de Escazu’ or ‘Escazu’ from the terminal. These will take you directly to the town and make a stop at either the main plaza or near the church. Those driving can take the road from San Miguel up to San Antonio de Escazu.