Ostional, Guanacaste

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When people travel to Costa Rica, many are prepared mentally to experience a place unlike anything they’ve ever seen before, and if they make their way to Ostional, that’s exactly what they’ll find. While Costa Rica always seems to deliver on those hopes and then some, travelers still have different ideas as to just how they want to see one of the most unforgettable countries in the world.

Some prefer the city life and the down-to-Earth, humble, friendly and helpful locals, known as “Ticos” in Costa Rica. Others want to experience the fine dining and five-star resorts that dot the landscape of nearly every city and region in the country. Ultimately, there are some who want to see Costa Rica in its purest form, meaning before humans were ever a part of the landscape.

When someone travels to the city of Ostional, that’s exactly what they’re going to encounter – timeless pieces of geography and examples of wildlife that is completely unique to any other location on the planet. As you’ll see below, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to just how you want to feel as though you’ve traveled back in time.

One of the most well-known attractions for Ostional is the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is is a 200-meter beach that actually extends out into the Pacific Ocean for three miles. The wildlife is incredibly diverse, but the main attraction in that regard is the wondrous sight of the Olive Ridley sea turtle. Every year, the sea turtles lay their eggs for spawning right here, and since this all happens on a refuge, the turtles and their offspring are protected from harm.

Aside from the turtles, the refuge features countless species of tropical birds and fish, and the surface under the ocean shore is a visual kaleidoscope of colors that are given off by the reef that lives, grows and breathes below the water. All in all, the refuge is a vacation in and of itself, even though it’s only one aspect of the village of Ostional as a whole.

Ostional the town is very small and extremely remote, which means that it generally appeals to those who want to get away from it all and to feel as though time has stopped. There are high-end and luxurious options for lodging, but those who travel here immediately understand that if you want to get to know Costa Rica at its roots, Ostional is one of the best places to do so, as it is a village that allows for an easy-paced life and a place with no routine, no stress and no negativity. Come and see Ostional for yourself and immerse yourself in exotic landscape, wildlife and friendly Ticos.