Ostional, Guanacaste

Are you looking to experience Costa Rica in a complete unique way? There is no denying that a visit to Ostional will be unlike any other location in the entire country. This small village provides a glimpse into the natural side of this country, and shows what life was like centuries ago. While many come to Costa Rica to see the fine dining and expensive hotels, if you are looking for something a little purer, you cannot afford to miss the small town of Ostional in the Guanacaste province. Come experience this seaside village and slow things down a little bit.

Costa Rica in its Purest Form

In many ways, the village of Ostional shows visitors what life was like even before humans settled the area. When you visit, it is easy to forget you are living in the 2000’s. You can see the wildlife and exotic plants untouched by humans. Experience timeless pieces of geography that are unlike any other location on the entire planet. Ostional features crystal clear water, natural beaches, and protected wildlife. The locals, often called “Ticos,” live their lives in Ostional at a slower pace than you are used to. They are friendly and humble, as well. When visiting this village, it is possible to get a snapshot in time, seeing how things used to be, both in lifestyle, environment, landscape, wildlife, and flora. The reef that grows and breathes underneath the ocean surface is another famous aspect of Ostional that you have to see to believe. It gives off brilliant and vibrant colors underneath the water.

The Ostional National Wildlife Refuge

By far the most famous attraction in the area, the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge is making huge steps toward protecting the wildlife of Costa Rica and creating a natural environment for them to thrive in. Like the rest of Ostional, a visit to the Wildlife Refuge demonstrates how the native animals live without human interference. It features an incredibly diverse spread of fauna which live in the refuge. It is one of the most effective and famous refuges in the world.

The National Wildlife Refuge takes the form of a 200 meter beach. In addition to the land, the refuge also extends into the water by three miles. This is due to many of the creatures protected by the refuge being marine in nature. While the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge protects indigenous birds, fish, and land-dwelling creatures, it is most famous for the marine turtles which nest on this beach.

This national refuge is thought to be the second most important nesting site in Costa Rica, just after Nancite Beach. This location is home to at least three different species of sea turtles while they go through the dangerous and laborious process of reproducing. If you visit during the nesting season, you will be able to see the Leatherback and Pacific Green sea turtles, and most famously, the Olive Ridley sea turtles. It is thought that a hugely significant portion of Olive Ridley sea turtles nest at the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge. There are always enormous numbers of these turtles each year, although they were most numerous in 1995 when an estimated 500,000 female turtles arrived on the shore. The refuge protects the eggs from harm, but also allows the locals to harvest a small portion of them. This is the only location in the entire world where sea turtle eggs can be harvested legally.

Life in Ostional

Ostional is one of the smallest and most remote villages in Costa Rica and even the entire world. Here, it feels as though time has stopped entirely. If you are looking for a way to get away from it all and see what a life would be like where everything moves a little slower, you need to visit Ostional while you are in Costa Rica.

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