Las Juntas, Guanacaste

Costa Rica River

Calling all treasure hunters! While Juntas may no longer be a gold rush town, you can still find this gem of a destination spot hidden in the heart of Abangares, waiting to be discovered on your next day trip. While small, this jewel can be spotted gleaming bright in the morning sun reflecting off the white walls and towers of the historic Catholic church built in the center of the rustic, scenic villa. Las Juntas is an ideal destination for the tourist who appreciates discovering diamonds in the rough, and taking in the lush, mountainous countryside of the Cordillera de Tilarán foothills at a leisurely pace.

A Walk in the Clouds

One of Juntas’s greatest attractions is its proximity to the Cloud Forest of Monteverde. Only 30 kilometers away, the Cloud Forest is a fascinating ecological preserve known for its rich biodiversity and the beauty of the clouds that form in the treetops and hover like fog to enshroud the area. Get lost in the clouds with a tour through over 35,000 acres of protected land, filled with a wealth of wildlife and sightseeing opportunities. Be ready to snap gorgeous photos of flora and fauna seen nowhere else in the world. One you’re finished return to Juntas to relax and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, including a playground for your children and a plethora of opportunities for tropical bird-watching.

Spring Into the Heat

If you’re looking for a quiet place to relax, Juntas’s increasingly popular hot springs are your best choice for a quiet destination to soak up the heat. Whether you go wild in the natural springs or take advantage of the Turkish baths in the local luxury resort, you can enjoy the health benefits and soothing relaxation of a dip in the hot springs. Hot springs have been known to help relieve joint pain, improve blood circulation, and contribute to skin health. Just one long soak can be all you need to soak away the stress of a busy life and forget the noise of distant cities. Even if you don’t need hot springs for your physical health, the mental health benefits are undeniable.

A Historic Landmark

More than just an attraction for sightseers, Juntas has a place in Costa Rica’s history. Born in the late 1800s from Costa Rica’s gold rush, Las Juntas de Abangares—now known as Juntas—attracted treasure hunters and fortune seekers from all over the globe. Thousands flocked to Juntas to turn it into a thriving mining town with a busy population of the lucky and the hopeful. At one point the town was sold to North American businessman Minor C. Keith, who funded and built the railroad linking Limón to Costa Rica’s capital in San José.

Now Juntas’s gold rush history is enshrined in the Ecomuseo de Las Minas de Abangares, a mining eco-museum established on the ruins of one of the oldest regional gold mines. The museum boasts a fascinating array of historical artifacts, including antique machinery, tools, and infrastructure. If a look into the past isn’t enough to give you the gold rush experience, abandoned mines can be found throughout the area. Many local guides offer safe tours of the mines, allowing you to explore a rich piece of Costa Rica’s golden history.

What are you waiting for? Located just 6 kilometers northeast of the Inter-American highway and 24 kilometers south of the town of Cañas, Juntas is waiting to be discovered on your next vacation. Take your treasure hunting soul on an adventure to unearth the hidden heart of gold in the center of Costa Rica, and discover why so many tourists return to Juntas over and over to take in the beautiful atmosphere.

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