Aquatic fun in Playa Potrero, Guanacaste

Bahia del Sol at Playa Potrero
Bahia del Sol at Playa Potrero

Located in the province of Guanacaste, Playa Potrero is a beach that provides visitors to Costa Rica with a place where they can participate in exciting aquatic activities or simply admire beautiful ocean views as they relax in the sun.

Unique Culture

The beach is named for the nearby town of Potrero, a quaint hamlet that exemplifies Costa Rica's laid-back small-town culture. Like many other Tico communities, Potrero is centered around its church, school, supermarket and soccer field. What sets it apart from similar destinations around the country is its vibrant Italian population, which puts a unique Mediterranean twist on the style and culture of the town.

Beauty Lies in the Beach

The most important attraction in Potrero, however, is the beach that lies to the south of the town. The quiet stretch of brown sand offers visitors a safe and fun place for a stroll or to lie out in the sun, while the sparkling waters are perfect for swimming and splashing with family and friends.

Playa Potrero is good for more than just relaxing, however, as the beach is a hotspot for some of Costa Rica's most popular adventure activities. Travelers looking to go boating can rent a kayak or jet ski in the town's harbor, and those who would like to catch a glimpse of the marine life teeming beneath the surface of the waves can go on snorkeling or scuba diving.

Other popular attractions at Playa Potrero lie further out to sea. Many visitors to the beachside community enjoy deep-sea fishing off the coast, and anglers frequently catch big hauls like marlin, tuna and swordfish. Additionally, the scenic Catalina Islands, which lie just six miles offshore, draw divers and snorkelers from around the world with their vibrant marine flora and fauna.

For those who would rather stay out of the water, Potrero also offers a wide range of exciting land-based activities. Travelers can experience Costa Rica's vibrant rainforest on a visit to Santa Rosa National Park or Palo Verde Natural Park, while people looking for an adrenaline rush can power through the jungle in a four-wheel-drive vehicle on the Congo Trail, a lush path that cuts through the forsest between Potrero and the nearby Playas del Coco.

Rincon de la Vieja National Park is also nearby and it offers not only amazing hiking through one of the five top active volcanoes in Costa Rica but it also offers amazing adventure activities. It is home one of the best water tubing rivers in Costa Rica called the Rio Negro where adventure enthusiasts can join tours where they experience the rapids in their own personal tube while taking in all the beautiful surroundings. Of course there are less adventurous activities that make this volcanic area unique including the mud baths where tourists can cover themselves in the therapeutic mud of Rincon de la Vieja volcano.

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