Carve it up when surfing Santa Teresa

Girl surfer going to get surf at Santa Teresa
Girl surfer going to get surf at Santa Teresa

Costa Rica is a surfer’s haven, with many beautiful beaches providing the perfect picturesque background for catching some powerful waves. For some of the best surfing spots, choose Santa Teresa. Located in the Costa Rica Nicoya Peninsula, this city features several beaches with awesome surf, thanks to the natural rock formations on which the waves break.

Many professional surfers head to this area to catch these strong waves and long rides. When you head to this Costa Rica popular beach, do not be surprised to see Kelly Slater and other pros riding beside you as you carve it up. There are a few spots safe for less experienced surfers, but most of these spots require a certain level of expertise.

La Lora

One of the popular surfing beaches in Santa Teresa is La Lora. Surfers enjoy the regular crescent-shaped waves on which to ride some serious barrels. Thanks to the consistent and generally favorable conditions, La Lora is home to several surfing competitions in Costa Rica. This popular Costa Rica surf locale is also nearby the popular La Lola Amarilla nightclub, making it easy to party after a long day riding the waves. Don’t be surprised to see many of your new surf friends partying alongside you. You can find this beach break south of Suck Rock.

Casa Cecilia

Another reliable and popular surfing spot in Santa Teresa is Casa Cecilia. The swells can get quite large and challenging, the perfect spot for more experienced surfers. During low tide, the surf is generally friendlier for less skilled surfers, but it still features good waves offering great rides.

Suck Rock

Experienced surfers head to Suck Rock for a challenge when they are in Santa Teresa. The waves breaking off of this reef break can be as high as 20 feet. If you catch a wave just right, you have the opportunity to ride for over 100 yards. Unlike some of the other beaches in the Costa Rica Nicoya Peninsula, you want to head to Suck Rock during high tide to experience the massive swells.

Playa Hermosa

If you want to learn to surf in Santa Teresa, then head to Playa Hermosa. It is less crowded than some of the more popular spots, and the riptide is not as forceful as some of the top spots. However, the waves can still get up to 13 feet high and the currents remain strong. You can choose to surf at the beach break or at a point break found in the north part of the beach. This is also the home of the International Quicksilver Surf Championships in August. Just make sure you go to the right Playa Hermosa to experience this popular surfing haven. The other Playa Hermosa is in Guanacaste.

Playa El Carmen

Just outside of Santa Teresa is Playa el Carmen, a great surf spot for less experienced surfers. This white sand beach is a long strip between Santa Teresa and Mal Pais. It makes for a great place to visit as you make your way around the peninsula to surf the different locations, which should include the top spots in both Santa Teresa and Malpais. If you just have time for a stretch in Santa Teresa, this beach is conveniently located for a quick day trip.

When you head to Santa Teresa to catch some waves, you want to take a look at the tide charts before you go. Some of the best surfing happens during low tide, thanks to the faster speed of the waves. Many of the hotels nearby are great spots to rest up between your surfing adventures. You can also take some time to enjoy the local flavor at some of the nearby restaurants and nightclubs when you aren’t on the water.