Surfers catch big waves at Ollie's Point

Ollies Point Head High Surf
Ollies Point Head High Surf

Over the years, Costa Rica has developed a reputation as one of the greatest surfing destinations in the world, alongside such prominent surfing locales as Hawaii and Australia. Thanks to its dual coastlines and tropical climate, surfers can enjoy the waves off of the coast of the Central American nation all year round, and those surfers looking to test themselves at one of the best surf spots in the country need look no further than Ollie's Point in the northwestern portion of Costa Rica.

Pacific Coast Beach

Located near the country's shared border with Nicaragua, Ollie's Point is a world class right point break that gets its name from a political scandal involving retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North. Yet the region's strong surf and secluded beaches have all but erased the memories of this scandal, and what remains at Ollie's Point is one of the premiere destinations for surfers exploring the Guanacaste Region.

Ollie's Point is a typical northern Pacific Coast beach, meaning that the waves hit better during high tide, while low tide remains mostly flat and reveals several rocks that can potentially be dangerous for surfers.

Enjoyable Rights in the World

The beach is a river mouth point break that consistently produces strong and fast waves, particularly during the Southwest swells that are common in the region and has earned Ollie's Point recognition as one of the more enjoyable rights in the world.  Ollie's Point's takeoff zone is next to a number of rocks and makes for a pretty slow entry, yet the big and powerful waves can make for a long ride that will take surfers all the way back to the beach.

Like most of Costa Rica's top surf spots, Ollie's Point can grow quite crowded on days when the waves are consistently hitting. However, unlike many other beaches, Ollie's Point cannot be reached by roadways or land-based travel.

Getting Here

Instead, surfers hoping to explore this secluded paradise will have to charter a boat from nearby beaches like Playas del Coco or Playa Ocotal to reach the beach. This can mean a lot of wave traffic during the early afternoon, but surfers hoping to carve some spectacular waves will still find the time to enjoy all that Ollie's Point has to offer.