Head to Playa Grande for some of the best surfing in Costa Rica

Playa Grande sunset & surf
Playa Grande sunset & surf

The aspect that makes Playa Grande such a famous beach is the leatherback sea turtles which arrive every year to nest, lay their eggs, and continue the reproductive cycle. There is another aspect that makes this beach unique, however, although it may be less well-known. In reality, Playa Grande is one of the best spots in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, or even the entire world for surfing. The beach is also unique in that the water is quite warm. Plus, the beach features incredibly natural beauty for you to enjoy in between waves. If you are an avid surfer, visiting Playa Grande is an experience you cannot afford to miss on your trip to Costa Rica.

Waves Like No Where Else

The reason Playa Grande is famous for its surf conditions is the quality of its waves. To a surfer, it is all about the waves. On this beach, the waves are more consistent than elsewhere. Plus, the wind conditions are also consistently ideal for great surfing. Another aspect that makes Playa Grande unique is how quickly the tide comes in. The beach provides the best surfing experience at mid to high tide. No matter what your surfing skill level is, you can find a great wave to ride and get an experience like no other here at Playa Grande. The only downside is that the beach can become quite crowded due to its famous waves. This is especially true on the weekend. However, if you think carefully about what time of day, day of the week, and time of year you visit, you may just find you have the entire beach all to yourself.

Providing a Challenge for the Experienced Surfer

While the waves at Playa Grande can be accessible for surfers of all skill levels, it is also possible to experience some of the most challenging waves. If you are an experienced surfer looking for a way to challenge yourself, Playa Grande might be your best option. In the morning or late evening, when the wind is lower, it is possible to find larger, tougher, and more difficult waves to ride. Experience the power of Playa Grande’s waves firsthand.

Huge and Powerful Swells

This beach also provides impressive swells that cannot be experienced anywhere else. If you are looking for western and northwestern swells, Playa Grande is the best place to find them. The rising and falling tide naturally creates waves that can be as tall as 10 feet. This beach is famous for fast and tight waves which are enhanced by the southeasterly winds. When the conditions are right, the waves also feature impressive peeling shoulders, which make the ride longer and better. The most impressive aspect of the Playa Grande beach is how consistent the waves are. No matter what time of year you plan to visit, the waves will still be the same. The conditions are always right to experience one of the best days of surfing you have ever had.

Getting to Playa Grande

Like all the most exciting exotic vacation destinations, Playa Grande is remote and getting to it takes planning. Several routes have been established, however, to help you reach this unique and desirable beach. The most common method is to fly to the Liberia International Airport and drive to Playa Grande. The journey is about 70 kilometers, although the roads get a little rough closer to your destination, so a four-wheel drive enabled vehicle is a wise choice. The Tamarindo Domestic Airport is another option, especially if you are exploring other parts of Costa Rica as well. Busses and taxis are available to transport you that last leg to Playa Grande from Tamarindo.