Hang 10 in Nosara

Looking south at Playa Guiones - Nosara Beach
Looking south at Playa Guiones - Nosara Beach

If you're looking for a surf vacation without the distractions of other popular resorts, head to Nosara in Guanacaste. Here, you can enjoy the pristine beaches and stunning scenery while focusing on what really matters on a surfing vacation - the waves. With miles of unspoiled sand, friendly locals and consistent conditions, Nosara is one of the best places to enjoy a relaxing surf vacation in Costa Rica.

Playa Guiones

Playa Guiones is a left point beach break that offers consistent conditions year round, and the waves here are ideal at high tide and first thing in the morning. During a good swell and high tide, the waves can range from head-height to double overhead, and this four-mile stretch of beach is much less crowded than other spots nearby. At low tide, beginners can try their luck here, but during strong swells and higher tides, this spot is best for intermediate to experienced surfers. When the swell is under 5 feet the waves here at Playa Guiones is best from longboarding, where you will be able to Hang 10 all day long! Between January and March, the crowds can be pretty intense here, but the length of the beach means there are plenty of more isolated spots to enjoy the waves.

Playa Pelada

Located between Playa Guiones and Playa Nosara, Playa Pelada is a quiet fishing beach with a rocky reef on the north side. The waves here aren't as consistent as Nosara's two other breaks, but when the surf is good, it can get pretty crowded. Conditions at Playa Pelada are best during northern swells at incoming high tides. If you're looking for some serious surfing, you'll probably want to head to either Guiones or Nosara, due to the inconsistency of the waves at Playa Pelada.

Playa Nosara

Playa Nosara is the least-crowded of all Nosara's beaches. Characterized by its peaks and shallow rock reef lefts, Playa Nosara is a great beach break where you can get some excellent barrels during strong southwesterly and southern swells. This long, dark beach runs from the Ostional Wildlife Refuge to Punta Nosara, all the way to the Boca Nosara rivermouth. Playa Nosara is ideal for intermediate to experienced surfers.

Getting Here

Part of Nosara's appeal is that it is so isolated in comparison to other surf beaches such as Tamarindo. This makes it harder to reach than some other surf spots in Costa Rica. However, the waves here make the journey worthwhile if you're looking for a serious surfing trip. To get here from San Jose, drive over the Amistad Bridge (Puente La Amistad de Taiwan). Then, head toward Samara before driving north to Nosara.