Check out the head high surf at Playa Langosta

Head High Wave at Playa Langosta
Head High Wave at Playa Langosta

The beaches of Tamarindo, located next to the Pacific Ocean in the Guanacaste province, are popular for surfing and enjoying an excellent wave. Just 20 minutes away from Tamarindo is particularly incredible beach that offers stronger and taller waves for surfers. Playa Langosta is quickly becoming a popular destination for more experienced surfers who want a bit of a challenge.

Why Is the Surf So Great At Playa Langosta?

Playa Langosta is an estuary, which means it is a coastal body of water it’s still connected to the open sea. The waves are shaped based on its placement at the river. The waves at Playa Langosta always form at the same location, due to a coral head that is right below the surface of the water at high tide. The waves tend to be short and fast, with both right and left breaks. You do need to watch for rocks and coral, but the waves are perfect for experienced surfers.

It’s an ideal place to get barreled, especially when the wind is from the southwest. Although Tamarindo may have longer waves, the surf is more predictable at Playa Langosta. You can work up to decent speeds and enjoy the ride. Although the waves don’t get too strong to make this an experts-only break, the undertow does get quite powerful, and inexperienced surfers should exercise caution. The height of the waves can reach 1m or more, making conditions simply excellent for surfing.

When To Surf At Playa Langosta

Playa Langosta used to be one of the undiscovered gems of Costa Rica surfing, but it has slowly become a place where surfers can enjoy calmer conditions than on Tamarindo. The weekends tend to be the busiest time on Playa Langosta, but if you hit the beach early, you can enjoy the waves without the crowd that you’ll have in Tamarindo. Weekdays also tend to be less crowded, especially for surfers.

Most surfers prefer the rising tides at Playa Langosta, but the low-to-mid tide is optimal. Some of the local surf schools in Tamarindo offer surf trips to this beach, but many other surfers come on their own. Beginners should not attempt to learn to surf here, but there are plenty of other beaches in the Tamarindo region that are good for learning to surf.

Marino Las Baulas National Park

Playa Langosta sits right next to the national park known for leatherback turtles, named Marino Las Baulas. From October to May, leatherback turtles make their way to the shore to lay their eggs. Some turtles weigh up to 2,000 pounds, and the species is endangered. The beaches at the national park are closed at night, but tour guides are available to help visitors safely view the turtles. In addition to leatherback turtles, the park boasts around 175 species of birds and thousands of types of plants. With more than 54,000 acres of forest, you’re sure to see local mammals, insects, butterflies and reptiles while you’re exploring Costa Rica.

Reaching Playa Langosta

Playa Langosta is easily accessible from the Tamarindo Airport. Playa Langosta is about 260 km from San José, but there are domestic flights, buses and car rentals that are available to take you to the town. There are many Costa Rica beaches in the area to enjoy, whether you’re a surfer or just want to catch some sun. If you’re looking for a beach getaway, this region of the country offers much to see and do, plus accommodations to fit into any traveler’s budget.

Playa Langosta offers some beautiful surfing conditions, but make sure to take in a sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Watching the sun melt into the horizon will help you relax and fully understand the carefree optimism of pura vida in Costa Rica.