Endangered Species of Costa Rica

Three Toed Sloth in Tree
Three Toed Sloth in Tree

As capricious in topography as it is in natural beauty, Costa Rica contains both tropical and subtropical climates with an array of pristine landscapes. With a wealth of natural resources the country contains a stunning range of wild and exotic wildlife.

Tropical Mammals

The lush ecosystems of Costa Rica are protected by a series of national parks and wildlife reserves. The varied microclimates, rich ecological systems and the natural wealth of the country make it the most conductive for a varied number of species. An estimated of 500,000 species can be found in this small country with many biological wonders. Costa Rica is home to a wide array of tropical mammal species that includes two-toed and three-toed Sloths as well as three types of anteaters that include the most common Tanandua and the rare Giant and Silky Anteater. The fascinating Jaguars, Tapirs and the Squirrel Monkey are some of the endangered species of Costa Rica. These creatures can only be seen in the remote expanses of the untouched forest surroundings.

The virgin rainforests of Costa Rica are home to several endangered animal species. These include the giant anteater, resplendent Quetzal and the Harpy Eagle. Various conservation areas in the Guanacaste province provide a safe haven to numerous migratory animals and are home to over 300 birds and several monkey species.

Only a few places in the world have as many marine turtle nesting sites to offer as Costa Rica. The country caters to a galore of vital habitats for the endangered marine turtle species like the extinct Leatherback, Hawksbill, Loggerhead, Olive Ridley and the Green Turtles, that nest at the various protected beaches of Costa Rica.

Habitats for Endangered Species

Wildlife sanctuaries like the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, Corcovado National Park and the Barra del Colorado Wildlife Reserve protects some of the vital nesting beaches of the marine turtles in Costa Rica. Other parks that offer critical habitats to the various endangered species in Costa Rica, like the Jaguars and Tapirs include the Manuel Antonio National Park, Monteverde Cloud Forest and Tortuguero National Park while the wildlife sanctuaries at the Monteverde Cloud Forest, Carara National Park and the Curu Wildlife Reserve are home a large number of mammal and bird species. The rare species found at these reserves include the fascinating Scarlet Macaws, Pumas, Ocelots, Coyote, Anteaters, Otters, Collared Peccari and Margay Cats.

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