Rainforest Conservation in Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloud Forest in the clouds
Monteverde Cloud Forest in the clouds

Home to some of the most exotic plant and animal life, Costa Rica’s rainforests shelter an assortment of life found nowhere else on Earth. Comprising an estimated 5% of the world’s biodiversity, the rainforest of Costa Rica have captivated millions of tourist for decades and form over a quarter of the national territory. These rainforests boast a number of national parks, biological reserves and protected areas, holding an amazing variety of plants and animals.

Forests Gives Oxigen

Wild and wondrous, the lush rainforests of Costa Rica are some of the most pristine places on Earth and make a wonderful setting for an avid nature lover. Categorized into cloud forest, tropical rainforest and dry rainforest the Costa Rican rainforests are part of the most productive ecosystems. The Costa Rian government is working in collaboration with the public and various private organizations to protect the rainforests. Various rainforest conservation programs are helping to protect the most threatened forest systems in Costa Rica. These conservation programs facilitate in conducting the diversity assessment in the rainforests, training the national park guards, scientific analysis and research of the protected areas within the tropical rain forests and implementing programs for sustaining income-generating projects.

Expansion of urban areas, illegal development and poor planning are some of the various threats that endanger the rainforests. Rainforest conservation projects are working to improve the management and monitor the biodiversity in the forests. These programs have resulted in a measurable reduction of the key threats. Rainforest conservation projects are also successfully assisting in the many park management plans, facilitating in the creation of the protection and operation of the parks, land planning and wildlife preservation.

Conservation Efforts

Costa Rica has the most successful rainforest conservation plan as compared to the other tropical rainforest countries. A major portion of the rainforest is now protected by private reserves or owned by the government. The government funds the conservation projects and issues forest protection certificates to the landowners for protecting the forest. Various other inventive programs are also helping in sustaining the rainforests and developing forest management. Considered an ideal introduction to the rainforests and biodiversity, Costa Rica offers excellent ecotourism opportunities. Its park system and forest preservation projects present a prime example of sustainable rainforest conservation efforts. As an eco-tourist destination it generates a lot of income which is used in the park funds for maintaining the protected areas and improving the conservation efforts.

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