Rainforest Research

Brauilo Carrillo National Park Forest
Brauilo Carrillo National Park Forest

Embracing an estimated 30% of the national territory, Costa Rica has one of the largest rainforest formations in the world. As a biodiversity hotspot, the country offers a spectacular variety of flora and fauna living in its dense forest formations. Rainforest research in Costa Rica has facilitated the conservation efforts to a great extent. The programs and expeditions offered by various research institutes aim at conducting a comprehensive research in the country and creating awareness in the local as well as the international community.

Helping Programs

Programs like the Rainforest Alliance’s Adopt-a-Rainforest project are helping individuals and organizations to participate in the conservation efforts. Preventing deforestation, a donation made for such programs help raise money and gives you a unique opportunity to work on long-term projects while learning about the extraordinary habitats of Costa Rica. This program is being run in collaboration with COTERC (Canadian Organization for Tropical Education and Rainforest Education), Costa Rican National Parks Board and various independent researchers.

TRC (La Tirimbina Rainforest Center) research facility offers volunteer and rainforest research programs in Costa Rica. Located in the rich rainforest environment, the institution provides eco-education for all schools and universities.Bosque Lluvioso Rio Costa Rica is another coastal rainforest research expedition in Costa Rica, working closely in collaboration with various non-profit organizations for the preservation of rainforests. It is a scientific research station, representing the highest sustainable development standards for preservation of the tropical forests.

Fun and Help

Proyecto Campanario in Costa Rica offers courses and rainforest conservation camps to schools, individuals and groups. There are a number of recognized schools and institutions from all over the world that have taken the various courses offered here. A unique ecotourism and research facility, the Rainforest Aerial Tram takes the travelers on a thrilling excursion through the rainforest canopy. Apart from that, GVI (Global Vision International) offers rainforest research and expeditions in Costa Rica. Working on a number of conservation projects including turtle and jaguar conservation, mammal research and environmental education, the expedition runs in cooperation with COTERC (Canadian Organization for Tropical Education and Rainforest Education).

The rainforest research station of the University of Costa Rica, also known as the Alberto Manuel Brenes Station is one of its major research centers of Costa Rica. Other significant rainforest research institutes in Costa Rica include the York’s Faculty of Environmental Studies, Tropical Science Center and the Monteverde Institute.

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