Protecting the Marine Turtles

Leatherback Turtle's First Steps
Leatherback Turtle's First Steps

The stunning sandy beaches of Costa Rica provide crucial nesting habitat to various marine turtles. Threatened mainly by the destruction of their nesting beaches, feeding grounds and over exploitation of their shells, eggs and meat, Marine turtle species around the world is now facing extinction.

Non Profit

Various non-profit organizations in Costa Rica, like Save the Turtles Inc and ASTOP (Asociacion Salvemos Las Tortugas de Parismina) are devoted to protecting the endangered marine turtles and their habitats. By developing educational awareness programs and community based conservation projects they have been able to inspire active participation of the local as well as the global community. These organizations also offer financial assistance to the Caribbean coastal communities. The financial aid assists in sustainable methods that are environmentally responsible and help enhance the lives of people as well.

Leading environmental organizations like Earthwatch, Ocean Conservancy and the WWF are promoting major conservation programs for protecting the endangered marine turtle population. These projects also allow volunteers to participate in various activities like nighttime beach patrol and general maintenance of the nesting sites. The conservation programs have facilitated in saving thousands of nesting turtles, their eggs and hatchlings all around Costa Rica, creating a great economic impact. The Marine Turtle Regional Action Plan for Latin America and the Caribbean has ensured the focus of all the conservation efforts into the recovery and the preservation of the various endangered species of the turtles while funding the acquisition of land for the species protection. Various organizations are also working with MINAE (Ministry for the Environment and Energy) to develop sustainable long-term conservation projects.

With the help of the private and public sector the government in Costa Rica has been able to strengthen the marine turtle preservation efforts. Now combined endeavors are being made with the help of the government to cover the migratory habitats and fulfill the demands of a regional approach towards the marine turtles in the international waters.

Monitoring and Continuation

The major projects of marine turtle conservation include the monitoring and continuation of the extinct species. Various conservation programs and expeditions focus on the preservation projects and scientific research, presenting well-equipped biological stations on the spectacular Caribbean coast. Innovative approaches for protecting the marine turtles have benefited both the creatures and the human communities alike. These have helped in employing the best fisheries practices as well as creating awareness in the local community.

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