Jaguar Conservation Programs in Costa Rica

The steel eyes of a Jaguar in Costa Rica
The steel eyes of a Jaguar in Costa Rica

Nestled between the Pacific and the Caribbean Ocean, the verdant land of Costa Rica provides critical habitat to some of the world’s most endangered species. Over 26% of the country’s surface is dedicated to national parks, biological refuges and forest reserves, protecting a wide-range of species whose habitat is fast disappearing from across the world.Today several non-profit organizations in Costa Rica are conducting research and providing technical assistance to authorities for park planning, protection and administration.

Great Wildcats

Working alongside other environmental educators like MINAET and the SCLC, these organizations visit various institutions and local communities in the country in order to educate people about these great wildcats. Projects like the People & Jaguar Coexistence Project aim at understanding the behavior and attitude of humans towards the jaguars.

Jaguar Habitats

Societies like the Jaguar Conservation Program, WCS and the Wildlife Conservation Society have developed several high-priority research and jaguar preservation programs. The projects survey and monitor the jaguar population and their habitats. The Jaguar Conservation Program has also established a grants program in order to provide support to the research projects in the region. Areas like Sarapiqui, Nicaragua and Guanacaste are part of the original habitats of the Jaguar. Jaguar surveys and research are conducted regularly in parks like Corcovado, Tortuguero, the Barra de Colorado Wildlife Refuge and the La Amistad National Park.

The findings of these research and surveys help in improving the management of the protected areas and in preserving the wild species of the country. Also biologists from across the globe come to Costa Rica’s National University for developing the Jaguar Conservation Programs and research projects.More and more organizations and institutes in Costa Rica are coming together to promote the conservation projects and finding alternatives for decreasing deforestation.

Commitment to Conservation

Local communities and tourists can volunteer for conservation projects and are helping to protect the jaguars. Various adventurous expeditions like the Global Vision International combines worthwhile community work, conservation and strong ethics all together in this stunning coastal landscape, offering volunteer opportunities to international tourists. Over the years Costa Rica has shown remarkable commitment to conservation. Thanks to the efforts of the government and non-profit organizations, the public is now more aware. The ecotourism programs have also had a strong impact on the conservation efforts as well as the national economy.

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