Catch and Release Sportfishing in Costa Rica

Catch & Release with a Marlin off of Quepos, Costa Rica
Catch & Release with a Marlin off of Quepos, Costa Rica

A mecca for sport fishermen seeking world-class fishing, sport fishing in Costa Rica offers incredible fishing opportunities, both inland and off the coast. The cobalt blue waters of the region encompass a great variety of sport fish that are unrivaled in diversity.

Catch and release

As a tropical fishing paradise, Costa Rica promotes sustainable tourism to protect the country’s natural resources. The sport fishing tour operators provide environment friendly services, doing their part to conserve and protect the fragile marine resources of Costa Rica. Also in order to preserve the fish variety, most tour operators and sport fishing companies encourage the ‘catch and release’ policy.Controlled sportfishing is an important mechanism of sustainable tourism. Catch and release sport fishing allows the potential consumers involved in fishing for sporting purposes to perform the activity without consuming the resource. This adds economic benefits to the existing natural benefits and helps conserve the resources.

Great Variety of Fish

The rich waters of Costa Rica boast sport fish like the vigorous Tarpon, giant Marlin and dozens of other freshwater species. Tour companies and hotels in Costa Rica offer various catch and release sport fishing charter services and although most tour operators arrange for the necessary fishing license, you can also purchases it yourself from a ranger station. Inland fishing offers exciting adventures for the freshwater fishermen in Costa Rica. The variety of fish caught is as fascinating as the deep sea variety. The fresh water river system here forms a unique habitat that attracts species of Snook and monster Tarpons. Deep sea fishing in Costa Rica is an exhilarating escapade and promises big catches like the Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish and Marlin.

Where to Fish

The fishing season in Costa Rica varies from region to the fish kind, so be aware of the peak fishing seasons before you head out to the sea. Various regions of the country cater to a diverse range of fish variety.The northeastern Caribbean Coast and the Osa Peninsula in the Southern Pacific present truly amazing fishing ventures. Beaches of Tamarindo, Playas del Coco and Playa Flamingo in the Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica are hot spots for angler fishing. The Southern coast is abundant in rainbow trout and offers best fly fishing in May and June while the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica caters to warm waters of Quepos and Jaco containing a variety of Black Snook, Tuna, Sailfish, the Cubera Snapper and Marlin.

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