What you can do to help conserve Costa Rica

Hiker sitting on rock in river at Corcovado National Park
Hiker sitting on rock in river at Corcovado National Park

Costa Rica is one of the most diverse areas on Earth. Habitats ranging from spectacular beaches to rainforests, volcanoes and mangrove swamps abound Costa Rica. Offering a plethora of landscapes and biodiversity, it protects a variety of wildlife and presents a branded eco-experience.

Conservation's Paradise

With the positive attitude of the government towards conservation and environmental sustainability, Costa Rica has become a conservationist’s paradise. The people of Costa Rica ensure that the diverse natural resources of the land are not destroyed and even you can help make a difference.

Participation in the conservation programs in Costa Rica enables you to work in some of the most pristine and endangered parks and refuges in the world, giving you a chance to experience a variety of habitat. Your presence and funds provide extra support to these significant programs and are extremely important.

Easy to Help

By funding various conservation programs you can ensure that vital forests like those at Osa Peninsula are protected, restored and sustained for the future generations. Organizations in Osa Peninsula offer certain programs that allow you to help conserve Costa Rica and preserve the beautiful natural resources.

Environmentally conscious tourists can now help sustain the natural environment by staying at the Eco Hotels. These hotels form a significant part of ecotourism as they maintain architectural integrity with the surrounding area and ensure a meaningful experience, raising awareness and promoting sound tourism practices.

Work and Fun

Various expeditions allow you to mix worthwhile conservation work with fun. Located within the stunning coastal rainforests and the sandy beaches, these conservation expeditions offer volunteers the opportunity to discover the beauty of the land and work at the spectacular rainforests and beaches in Costa Rica. These dynamic expeditions also allow you to participate in the research projects, monitoring and conservation of the nesting turtles, jaguar research and migratory bird monitoring.

Other Programs

You can also participate in marine turtle conservation projects at various popular beaches. There is a range of well-established, on-going marine turtle conservations programs that allow you to contribute and make a significant impact. Or take part in certain community-based eco-tourism projects that rotate you between a variety of national parks and wildlife reserves. You can patrol the parks with the rangers, help with general maintenance, collect data, conduct organic farming or construct trails.

There are so many ways in which you can help conserve Costa Rica and make a significant difference – so start today!

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