Osa Peninsula and Conservation

Sunset at Corcovado National Park
Sunset at Corcovado National Park

The beautiful Osa Peninsula is home to a diverse array of habitats. A sanctuary of lush rainforests, gorgeous beaches and the largest primary forest on the American Pacific Coastline, this remote region provides habitation for nature’s most exotic and colorful creatures. Osa Peninsula hosts an array of exotic animal and bird species that include Jaguars, Squirrel Monkey, three species of marine turtles, Scarlet Macaws, Harpy Eagle and the Yellow-billed Continga. An estimated 5000 vascular plant species and over 700 tree species can be found in its rainforests.

Conservation Efforts

Organizations like EarthWatch, Conservation International, the Costa Rica-USA Foundation, the Government of Costa Rica and the Nature Conservancy have partnered for the Osa Campaign. The Campaign is a unique fundraising and conservation effort, providing funding for and helping with a majority of the conservation projects, facilitating in the restoration and preservation of the rainforest and the endangered species of Costa Rica. Several of these organizations are also working to resolve the land tenure and other legal issues related to the consolidation of the parks and protected areas.

Protected Areas

These organizations are working in Osa to setup biodiversity monitoring programs to improve the management of the protected areas, creating strategies for the protection and operation of the parks, land development and wildlife management programs. These areas include the Corcovado National Park, Piedras Blancas National Park, Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve and the Osa Biological Corridor. The Conservancy is also working closely with the COVIRENAS (community-based volunteer Natural Resource Vigilance Committees) for training them in ecology, basic patrolling and relevant management techniques.

The beaches of Osa Peninsula provide vital nesting sites to various endangered marine turtle species. Biologist and conservation teams are working to provide effective protection to the turtles and their habitats. Well-established marine turtle volunteer programs allow you to combine fun with worthwhile work. The stunning coastal areas of Costa Rica make a beautiful backdrop to these conservation programs. These programs include data collection, research, monitoring and preservation of the marine turtles, jaguar research projects and migratory bird monitoring.

Let's Do Something

Volunteering for the conservation projects in Osa Peninsula will take you to various national parks, wildlife reserves and allocate you in community-based ecotourism projects. The ecotourism ventures let you undertake various tasks that include building and maintaining the trails, night patrols at beaches, helping out with organic farming, community education programs and general maintenance of parks and beaches. Conservation programs in Osa are helping it to retain its natural resources and biodiversity.

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