Take the leap - go bungee jumping

Bungee jumping feet first with Tropical Bungee
Bungee jumping feet first with Tropical Bungee

Few activities give travelers as much of an adrenaline rush as bungee jumping, and Costa Rica is a great destination for people looking to participate in the adventure activity.


Bungee jumping involves leaping off a high point - frequently a bridge, dam or cliff - while attached to a long elastic cord. Costa Rica first became a destination for bungee jumpers in 1991 with a company that is still around, Tropical Bungee, and there are currently several locations throughout the country where the activity is practiced regularly.

Old Colorado River Bridge

The most popular location for bungee jumping in Costa Rica is the old Colorado River Bridge. Tropical Bungee operates on this bridge. The bridge spans a river gorge that runs 265 feet deep, making it one of the tallest jumps in the Americas. Located just 40 minutes away from the capital of San Jose in Naranjo, Alajuela, the bridge is conveniently situated near roads that many travelers take to the Pacific coast. The Colorado River Bridge allows bungee jumpers to experience freefall before the elastic cord pulls them back up through the verdant canyon. Additionally, because the bridge is currently closed to traffic, jumpers don't have to worry about running into any cars or other vehicles before they make their big leap.

Another bridge available for bungee jumping is located near the city of La Fortuna on the Peñas Blancas River. Although the Peñas Blancas Bridge is only 108 feet high, bungee jumpers can still enjoy the view of the crystal clear waters of the river and the nearby Arenal Volcano. This tour no longer operates the company, Pacific Bungee, moved to Jaco where they operate a bungee jumping facility.

Bungee Variations

Several variations on the standard bungee jump are also available to tourists in Costa Rica. Some bungee jump locations allow leapers to make a splashdown in cool water, while others use specialized equipment like a so-called rocket launcher or a large swing to put a new spin on the high-octane activity.

Extremely Safe

Generally, bungee jumping in Costa Rica is extremely safe, as all major locations for the activity have been certified by the North American Bungee Association. Potential jumpers, however, should still take a few precautions before they participate in the adventure sport. The sudden deceleration that occurs at the bottom of the jump increases blood pressure in the upper body, so travelers should make sure that their heart and blood vessels can safely handle temporary pressure increases before they jump.