Sailing on a day trip in Costa Rica

Sailing around the Papagayo Gulf
Sailing around the Papagayo Gulf

With stunning beaches along the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica is a water sports enthusiast's paradise. Tens of thousands of visitors flock to Costa Rica every year to surf, snorkel and fish. However, if you prefer to take things a little easier and want to enjoy the country's beautiful shores in style, a sailing expedition is the ideal way to spend the day.

The Spirit of Adventure

Sailing in Costa Rica allows you to embark on your own adventure on the crystal-clear waters off either coast. Many tour companies offer you the chance to be as active as you'd like, with some allowing you to learn about the ship's navigation systems, electronic equipment and, of course, the sails and rigging.

If you want to let someone else do the work, simply relax and enjoy the incredible views. Most of the boats used by sailing tour companies in Costa Rica measure around 45 feet, making them ideal vessels for medium-sized parties. Alternatively, for smaller groups, some tours take you out in catamarans, which are faster and lighter than larger boats.

Set Sail from Several Ports

No matter where you are on Costa Rica's coasts, you're never far away from an exciting sailing adventure. Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula in South Puntarenas is a popular point of departure, offering breathtaking views of the rugged shoreline and lush rainforests from the water. Further north in Guanacaste, you can set sail from Tamarindo and tour the waters off the Santa Rosa National Park, home to some remarkable marine life and dozens of tropical bird species.

Many of these tours last most of a day, offering you the chance to see the breathtaking sunsets that Costa Rica is famous for from the comfort of the deck. No matter where you sail from, you're sure to be in for an unforgettable experience.

The Best of Both Worlds

Once you've dropped anchor off the coast, you can embark on one of several exciting water sports activities to explore the world beneath the waves. Why not discover the stunning beauty of Costa Rica's marine life on a snorkelling tour?

If you'd rather stay topside, rent some gear and enjoy the world-class sportfishing that attracts anglers from around the world.