Osa Wildlife Sanctuary

Egret in a Mangrove
Egret in a Mangrove

Located adjacent to Piedras Blancas National Park, Osa Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on a remote beach off the coast of Golfo Dulce and spans 64 acres of land. 

Travelers looking to enjoy the increasingly-popular eco-tourism in Costa Rica should plan to check out the sanctuary, which is one of the most unique destinations in the entire country.

Playground for Animals

The goal of the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary is to rehabilitate and care for wildlife found in the southern region of Costa Rica, including animals that have been injured, orphaned or displaced. For each animal that enters the sanctuary, a personal playground is designed to imitate the creature's natural habitat, including specific toys and re-creations of the natural landscape.

One of the sanctuary's most popular attractions is the group of rescued spider monkeys, which is one of Costa Rica's treasures. The proximity of Piedras Blancas National Park is crucial, as these monkeys are encouraged to head into the park in order to learn the necessary survival skills in the wild.

Protecting Endangered Species

The sanctuary is extremely important for the diverse wildlife population in Costa Rica as many of these animals are unfortunately subjected to illegal pet trades. Some of the country's most fascinating creatures, including the scarlet macaws and the kinkajous, can suffer from this activity, and the sanctuary serves to protect them and give them a second chance.

Child Friendly

The Osa Wildlife Sanctuary is also one of the most child-friendly locations in Costa Rica, making it a wonderful destination for families looking to enjoy eco-tourism. Many of the animals at the sanctuary are friendly and can be petted, giving visitors unique access to the diverse wildlife that can be found throughout Costa Rica's southern region.

How to Get There

Additionally, travelers can hire a boat to transport them to the sanctuary for a private visit or to join some of the general tours, which often include dolphin watching and snorkeling. Guided tours for visitors typically cost $25.

As the refuge is only accessible by boat, many of the nearby hotels offer transportation to the impressive site. The Osa Wildlife Sanctuary is only open from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. by appointment, so make sure to plan ahead to enjoy everything this unique destination has to offer.