Check out marine wildlife by sailing off the coast

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Many water sports, including sportfishing, whitewater rafting and scuba diving, can be exciting for the more adventurous visitors to the country. Sailing off the coast of Costa Rica also has plenty of benefits, however, as it gives travelers a chance to truly experience the marine wildlife and scenic beauty that the country has to offer. 

Where to Sail

To escape from the bustling city life of San Jose, travelers should do their best to take a sailboat tour in the Papagayo Gulf, which is located in the Pacific Ocean. There really is no better way to get out on the water and relax while taking in spectacular views of the Central American country and its impressive diversity of wildlife species.

When to Do It

One of the best times to enjoy a sailboat tour is in the early morning, when many on the island are still asleep. Enjoy a nice breakfast onboard and take in the remarkable sunrise over the vast Pacific Ocean. Along the way, tourists can expect to view dolphins, flying fish, humpback whales, manta rays and sea turtles.

Stop Anywhere

Another excellent aspect of sailing along the Costa Rican coast is the ability to stop anywhere and spend some time snorkeling or scuba diving. While you'll be able to see many marine creatures from the boat itself, there's no better way to see the fish in their natural habitats than diving beneath the ocean's surface, something you can easily do during a sailboat tour.

Often, sailboat tours will include meals onboard the ship, allowing them to spend the full day at sea without having to worry about anything else. Some tours even last for a few days and provide beds and showers, giving vacationers a chance to truly experience life on the water.

Other Places

In addition to the Papagayo Gulf, there are a number of ideal destinations for travelers to sail off the coast of Costa Rica, including Drake Bay, the Gulf of Nicoya, Manuel Antonio and Isla Coco. Each of these sites boasts its own diversity of animal species, and tourists should try to venture to as many of these places as they possibly can during their travels.