Sea kayaking in Costa Rica

Having Fun Kayaking
Having Fun Kayaking

A sea kayaking trip is a great way for travelers in Costa Rica to experience the country's rich diversity and gorgeous ocean scenery.

Easy to Learn

Sea kayaking in Costa Rica is an adventure activity that involves piloting a small, self-propelled watercraft across the surface of the ocean. No experience is needed to enjoy the sport, as travelers can easily learn how to maneuver their kayak when they first arrive in Costa Rica. Additionally, sea kayaking is much easier than participating in the sport on a river, as the ocean surface does not have the same strong currents found in faster bodies of water. The only materials needed to operate a kayak are a paddle and the boat itself, making the activity exciting, inexpensive and accessible to all sorts of visitors.

Silent Activity

One advantage of sea kayaking when compared to other aquatic adventure sports is that kayaks are silent. Because they do not create any noise, the vessels allow travelers to catch glimpses of Costa Rica's exotic wildlife as they quietly paddle themselves through vibrant estuaries teeming with monkeys, birds and other exciting creatures.

Where to Practice

Because Costa Rica has 635 miles of coastline along the Pacific Ocean and 132 miles along the Caribbean, the country has no shortage of opportunities for people looking to enjoy sea kayaking. One great place to participate in the sport is along Costa Rica's Pacific coast, particularly around the islands near the city of Puntarenas. From Puntarenas, travelers can kayak along the shore, hopping from island to island as they move onward. The waters of the area are relatively sheltered by the Nicoya Peninsula, and the gulf formed between the peninsula and the mainland is known for its wildlife. Travelers kayaking in the gulf can see dolphins, frigate birds, sea turtles, porpoises and even orcas.

Another exciting place to go sea kayaking is around the horn of the Nicoya Peninsula just off of Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. Once kayakers round the cape at the southern tip of the body of land, they leave behind the protected waters of the gulf and enter the open ocean. The rougher waters of the Pacific mean that travelers should have some kayak experience before they set out around the horn, but the thrill of kayaking across the powerful waves is unlike anything else that can be experienced in Costa Rica.

One more fun place to kayak in Costa Rica is at Manuel Antonio, just outside the park at Playa Espadilla you can rent sea kayaks and kayak to the nearby islands of Manuel Antonio, they look close but looks can be deceiving so if you do go there be prepared for a long and exciting journey.