Hikers can take it easy in Lankester Botanical Gardens

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Costa Rica for Hikers

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and natural countries in the world, boasting a uniquely grand collection of native flora and fauna that can scarcely be seen anywhere else in the world. As such, the Central American nation has emerged as one of the best destinations for active travelers hoping to trek through the country's lush jungles and numerous national parks. Costa Rica presents a number of great options for hikers of all skill levels. For trekkers who prefer their hikes to be more casual and relaxing, a trip to Lankester Botanical Gardens may be the ultimate destination for exploration.

Where is Located

Just outside of the city of Cartago, the Lankester Botanical Gardens is a scenic and beautiful public garden operated as both a tourist destination and a research center by the University of Costa Rica. The facility was constructed in the 1940s as a private garden and conservatory for famed botanist and Orchid enthusiast Charles H. Lankester.

As the property covers a total land area of 11 hectares, (27.2 acres), the area has become popular with nature loving hiking enthusiasts eager to glimpse the countless varieties of flower and numerous local animals known to populate Lankester Botanical Gardens. Over the years, the garden's caretakers have developed a winding series of hiking trails that meander through both the manicured gardens and the nearby forests.

A Simple Walk

The terrain remains largely flat, though a few small hills do break up the terrain of the gardens every so often. Walking through the gardens in particular will be a simple and stress free hike fit for small children, beginners and seniors.

Hiking the nearby jungles, though a touch more challenging, are also rather serene and simple affairs. As this is not a manicured area, the terrain can vary from flat and soft to tree ridden to muddy, with brief patches of pebbly rocks that shouldn't pose much of a challenge to the average hiker.

Though the paths may be simple and easy, Lankester Botanical Gardens is no less rewarding and beautiful for those who hike through it. The gardens are home to more than 3,000 unique varieties of plants, including several rare species of orchids that are sure to enthrall those hikers lucky enough to see them.