Cave exploration is an exciting adventure activity

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Visitors to Costa Rica don't need to look very hard to find adventure activities in which they can participate. Whether it's horseback riding through the mountains, scuba diving with marine life or riding an ATV through the forest, the country is an ideal place to explore natural landscape.

Historic Places

Another way for tourists to take in Costa Rica's natural beauty is through cave exploration, an increasingly popular activity for visitors. Many of the caves located throughout the country were formed between 20 and 70 million years ago, when much of Costa Rica was still beneath the water's surface.

Currently, travelers can enjoy exploration tours in a number of different caves across the country, many of which feature bilingual local guides that can offer a historical and cultural perspective on the natural wonders.

Additionally, cave explorers can check out ancient marine fossils, stalagmites and a number of unique animal species that make their homes beneath the surface. The sound of rivers and waterfalls in the distance will make help set the mood even more.

Where to Go

The caves were originally discovered by aborigines, but many of the formations are the perfect destination for modern travelers looking to dig their way through the surface. While there are a significant number of caves in Costa Rica, perhaps the best destination is Barra Honda Peak near Nicoya.

This peak, which rises 1,000 feet above the plains that surround it, consists of reef limestones that were formed millions of years ago, when the site was part of the ocean floor. While there are more than 42 caves that have a variety of depths, only 19 have been explored thus far. The deepest cave at Barra Honda is Santa Ana, which goes nearly 800 feet below the surface.

For the public, however, Terciopelo is open for exploration and is considered to house the largest number of formations of any of the caves. This beautiful landmark is a sight to behold and adventure travelers should consider making it one of their top priorities.

Cave exploration, while only for the most daring adventure travelers, is an excellent way to experience some of the impressive scenic beauty that Costa Rica has to offer.