Get an adrenaline rush on a jet ski

Riding a jet ski in the Papagayo Gulf in Guanacaste
Riding a jet ski in the Papagayo Gulf in Guanacaste

Travelers looking for an exciting way to explore Costa Rica's picturesque coastline can ride a jet ski, a powerful vehicle that allows tourists to enjoy an adrenaline-filled day at sea.

Costa Rica's dramatic shore features a wide variety of beautiful landscapes, from dramatic craggy rocks to lush mangroves. By riding on a jet ski, travelers can experience all that the country's coast has to offer while simultaneously experiencing one of the nation's most exciting activities.

First Learn, then Ride

Tourists going on a jet ski expedition frequently begin their day on the beach, where they can rent their vehicle and learn to operate it. Once travelers have grown accustomed to their vessels, they can ride in the open ocean, feeling the wind blowing against their face as they power through the waves. Jet skiers can then navigate their way to calmer waters. While riding on serene rivers and through lively mangroves, travelers can try to catch a glimpse of exotic birds and monkeys before stopping their vehicle and going for a swim.

Where to Do It

One great place to jet skiing in Costa Rica is the Papagayo Gulf in Guanacaste. This calm open expanse of ocean is the perfect place to let loose. You can also jet ski around to explore exotic and deserted beaches which of there are many to be seen.

What to Wear

When going on a jet ski excursion, travelers should wear a swimsuit and bring a towel, as they will get wet. They should also bring sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen, as the sun's rays are often more powerful on the open ocean, meaning that riders run the risk of developing a dangerous sunburn. Tourists riding on a jet ski should also bring a waterproof camera so that they can take pictures of the beautiful scenery and exotic wildlife they may see during their trip.

Avoid Obstacles

Travelers in Costa Rica may want to follow these guidelines to ensure that they will enjoy their trip. Most importantly, they should always keep an eye out for obstacles, including swimmers, other watercraft and even sea turtles. Jet skis are powerful vehicles, and a crash at high speeds may lead to injury. Another tip for travelers is to begin their excursion as early in the day as possible, as weather and wave conditions are frequently calmer and more conducive to enjoyable jet skiing at that time of day. Lastly, although the power of the vehicle's engine can be fun, tourists can have just as exciting an experience with their engine off. When riding in rivers or mangroves, the sound of a jet ski's engine can scare away wildlife, so turning it off may allow travelers to see more interesting animals.