Adventure tourists should hop on an ATV

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Due to its rugged terrain and wide variety of ecosystems, Costa Rica's unexplored territories are the perfect destination for travelers who enjoy riding ATVs.

The vast number of forests, plains, mountains and beaches that can be found throughout the country offer adventure travelers a unique chance to catch a glimpse of the abundance of flora and fauna that call Costa Rica home.

Make it Personal

While many travelers think walking tours are the best way to see everything, riding an ATV makes visiting the most secluded places possible. Often, these are the destinations where travelers can find some of the rarest bird and animal species, such as the resplendent quetzal and the white-faced capuchin monkey.

By spending the day aboard an ATV, tourists will be able to view a significant number of places in a short period of time, as quick transportation is not a concern. It can also be extremely helpful to secure the services of a guide, many of whom are bilingual and can offer unique insight into the beautiful natural landscape of their home country.

Plan Your Tour

Touring the country on an ATV also allows tourists to take breaks to swim at the beaches or enjoy a picnic along the way, affording them the opportunity to spend a full day exploring the country.

Where To Do It

One of the best places to enjoy ATVing is Manuel Antonio National Park, which is just south of Quepos on Costa Rica's Pacific Coast. Here, travelers can venture down some of the park's unpaved roads through the African palm plantations, cattle farms and even some of the area's small, coastal towns such as Naranjito and Villa Nueva. Riding up and down the mountainous roads gives tourists a chance to enjoy a true adventure, checking out waterfalls and other natural wonders along the way.

Many ATV tours offered throughout Costa Rica provide meals and equipment for adventure travelers, so tourists should simply remember to wear comfortable clothing, sneakers or boots and a camera.

While there is no standard minimum age for passengers on ATVs, drivers typically must be at least 16 years old and helmets are required for all onboard.