Rock climbing in Costa Rica

Impressive rock formation on Chirripo Peak
Impressive rock formation on Chirripo Peak

Adventure travelers consider Costa Rica a paradise due to its natural landscape which lends itself perfectly to a wide variety of recreational activities.

Some of these activities include white water rafting, cave exploration, horseback riding and riding an ATV across the country. Rock climbing, a popular activity for travelers from all over the world, is yet another experience that visitors to Costa Rica should not miss out on.


One of the best destinations for avid rock climbers is located near the town of Aserri, just 30 minutes south of the capital city of San Jose. With climbs of up to 25 meters offered, adventure tourists will certainly have their hands full attempting to master the Aserri rock.

In order to access the town, travelers are encouraged to drive or take a bus, then ask local residents about the trail to "La Piedra." After a steep 45-minute hike, climbers will reach the base, while another 100 meters of climbing will bring them to the top. Upon reaching the peak, make sure to take some time to enjoy the impressive views of the nearby area.

Santa Ana

Another excellent site for rock climbing enthusiasts is west of San Jose near the community of Santa Ana. Here, the Rio Oro canyon offers a number of climbs that average about 20 meters a piece. While it may be helpful to receive guidance for finding the best particular spots to enjoy the activity, many routes have been cleaned and prepared. As snakes are somewhat common at the base of the cliff, travelers are also encouraged to make as much noise as possible during the rappel.

Cerro de la Muerte

Cerro de la Muerte, which can be reached by driving a little over an hour from San Jose, is yet another popular area for climbing. Sitting at 2,800 meters above sea level, this site is home to remarkable natural beauty and lush vegetation that tourists should be sure to check out.

Cerro Chirripo

For the most experienced rock climbers, a trip to Chirripo should certainly be a top priority. This site is the highest peak in the country and features an 80-meter spire that is referred to as "Crestones." After a lengthy eight-hour hike to the shelter at Chirripo, travelers will be able to view the Crestones, which can then be reached after hiking for another 45 minutes. This destination is for only the most seasoned climbers, and travelers should be prepared to prove to the rangers that they can handle it.