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July 2012 posts from Javi the Frog's Travel Blog

Though there are tons of Volcanoes to be found throughout Costa Rica, most of them have been pretty quiet in the past few years. Yet, recently, I've started noticing a lot of rumbling coming from Turrialba Volcano National Park and Irazu Volcano National Park, which could mean that these two large mountains are ready to blow! Don't worry, though, as the National Seismology Network from the University of Costa Rica, a group we Ticos call the RSN, is keeping a close eye on the situation to keep us safe.[More]
As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central America, Costa Rica attracts a lot of travelers who like to cut loose and have a good time. While my siblings and I have been known to have some fun ourselves, we're always careful not to overdo things. That's because we know that partygoers who go overboard will have to deal with los cadejos. What's that? You haven't heard of los cadejos? Well sit back and let me tell you why most Ticos know how to have a good time responsibly...[More]
Costa Rica is famed for its stunning natural diversity and exotic wildlife, including tree frogs like me! It is also the setting for many myths. According to local legend, the story of the rualdo bird is tied to Poas Volcano. Let's learn more about this mysterious bird and how it came to be spoken of in tribal folklore...[More]
Well, it took me quite a while to hop out here, but here we are in the town of Orotina, located in the province of Alajuela. Fortunately, it'll only take you about 45 minutes to drive here from San Jose if you take the Ciudad Colón-Orotina highway - so if you happen to see me hopping along the side of the road, you can slow down and give me a ride, if you like. I wouldn't mind resting my eyes - and legs - for a minute.[More]
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