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I have always been fond of my slow-moving friends, who call the trees of Costa Rica home, but I didn’t know that they were becoming royalty on the Internet! Luckily for the Costa Rica visitors that want to catch a glimpse of my cute friends, about five species of sloths live among the canopies of Costa Rica’s rainforests!..[More]
Costa Rica is a place with dense wildlife, and that wildlife includes four species of monkeys that I’m going to highlight today: the howler monkey, the spider monkey, the tiny squirrel monkey, and the Capuchin (or white-faced) monkey. I travel through the country constantly, and you can bet that when I look up, I am likely to see some monkeys swinging in the trees above me... [More]
When you plan on dedicating six days to your Costa Rica vacation, you have a lot of ways you can spend the time. You should naturally plan it out for when the Costa Rica weather is going to be pristine, so that you can enjoy it to the fullest... [More]
One of the sets of animals that I am never able to get too close to are wildcats, including the Margays. These adorable, small wildcats are sometimes mistaken for domestic house cats, but make no mistake – they would eat up little frogs like me pretty quickly! Margays are beautiful creatures, even from afar, and they are also highly endangered. Margays look very similar to Ocelots, but they are about the size of a large housecat... [More]
There are several places along the beaches of Costa Rica that allow travelers to see a breathtaking glimpse of these massive creatures, but Marino Ballena National Park is known for it! Sometimes I like to hop to this park and sit in a tree high up to see the humpback whales, and let me tell you - it's pretty incredible. You'll see them swimming in packs, flapping their fins and flopping into the crystal clear waters. Any lover of marine life must visit this park! Did I mention the park is also home to the largest coral reef on Central America's Pacific Coast? That's a must-see, too!...[More]
The thing about Costa Rica is that, as a country, we believe in preserving the natural land, and allowing the animals to live in their natural environment. Because of this, it isn’t guaranteed that every tourist is going to be able to see every animal that they want to see. Sometimes, if the timing is just all wrong, there may not be lots of wildlife around. I’m always sad to meet a tourist that seems disappointed because they didn’t get to see a lot of animals or wildlife – mostly because there are so many other things to appreciate in my homeland! However, if seeing as many animals as you can is your ultimate Costa Rica bucket list, then keep reading to find my picks of the wildest spots in Costa Rica, where you are most likely to see Costa Rica’s animals... [More]
On a global scale, calling Costa Rica a green country references my homeland’s commitment to conservation, preservation, and being eco­friendly. But if you look around, you can see that Costa Rica is also literally green – from the mountains to the forests to the animals – like me... [More]
While Costa Rica’s total land mass may not be impressive, the amount of different species that occupy that small area is certainly impressive. Those species, including wild cats, monkeys and birds, live in the many different types of forests in Costa Rica; many of which are part of a National Park, reserve or refuge... [More]
These animals may look cute, but I advise you to look past their cuddly fuzzy coats and little button eyes. What are they doing in a big group like that? What are they talking about? Is it about me?...[More]
My homeland of Costa Rica offers visitors more than just breathtaking landscapes, once-in-a-lifetime outdoor activities and a rich local experience. It is also a place that features an abundance of animal life....[More]
In a splendid tradition, Costa Rica celebrates bull fighting as "Toros a la Tica". To be honest, I'm scared of bulls. I can match up against bull frogs, but the giant beasts with horns could crush me like a bug - or an amphibian! However, humans find great fascination in everything in and around the arena. Lucky for them, Costa Rica packs a awe-inspiring bullfighting - a tradition that few visitors realize this country has...[More]
Some people may shy away from winged creatures that only come out at night, but bats are actually very interesting! Costa Rica offers the Monteverde Bat Jungle, a place where you'll get to learn about all of the little details of a bat's life, such as the creature's diet, wings, roosting habits and the diversity of the animals within the bat family. While I must say I am terrified of bats, (they find frogs to be quite delicious, eek!) the exhibits at the Monteverde Bat Jungle are very fun to look through, and luckily, I was protected from the bats by a glass window!...[More]
Have you ever heard of Africa's Big Five? While I must admit I don't do a lot of traveling outside of my home country, I do know that these five creatures are Africa's most sought after for wildlife lovers. If you haven't been to Costa Rica yet, you may not know that the diversity of flora and fauna here is some of the best in the entire world! Hey I might be biased, but why don't you come to Costa Rica and find out for yourself?. No matter where you go here, you'll find animals that are truly amazing, but there are some that are much more sought-after than others. This is what has been called Costa Rica's Little Five...[More]
Are you in the mood for some international travel, but aren't sure where to go? Costa Rica is home to a plethora of kid-friendly amenities and attractions, and you won't have to break the bank to spend a week here. From endlessly stunning beaches to hiking to thrilling canopy adventures, Costa Rica is like a kid's playground! And the animals it's like going to a massive zoo, safari and aquatic park all in one place! The best part about it? Kids don't have to see animals behind bars or in small cages! Sure, I may be biased, but let me fill you in on a few secrets to my homeland that might steer you toward booking your next family Costa Rica vacation!...[More]
Have you ever imagined going to a place where you can explore 13 different ecosystems, see up to 140 mammal species, 400 bird species, 116 amphibian and reptile species, 40 different types of fish and at least 500 species of trees? Well, this place exists! Corcovado National Park is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, and easily one of my favorite places to visit. Located along the Osa Peninsula, Corcovado National Park features a lowland rainforest, highland cloud forest, jolillo palm forest, mangrove wetlands, coastal and marine habitats. I have many friends that live here, so I've visited Corcovado plenty of times! I'd love to share my experiences along the way...[More]
I've made friends with some anteaters during my travels throughout Costa Rica, and some of the friendliest are the silky or pygmy anteaters. These little guys are fairly common, and they are the smallest anteater species in the entire world! Maybe that's why I like them so much their relatives are much larger and can weigh up to 18 pounds. They are all distant relatives of the sloth, yet they are the only surviving member of the Cyclopes genus. These little guys and gals are usually found trotting around lowlands and middle-elevation habitats throughout the country. Silky anteaters live all along Central and South America, and they tend to live in little clans in the rainforest. But you may just miss these little guys they average less than a pound and grow to be only around four centimeters long!...[More]
Did you ever think you'd be able to go on an African Safari in Costa Rica? I sure didn't! I've seen a lot through my travels in Costa Rica, but this was one of the most surprising and exciting adventures because it was like nothing I had seen. In the dry grasslands of Guanacaste, Africa Mia is the country's only African safari adventure and one of Liberia's biggest hub for Costa Rica tourism. Don't get me wrong, I love the rainforest because it's my home, but the knee-high grasses and wide-open plains are truly a sight to see...[More]
It's no secret that there are many different species of animals in Costa Rica - and I've met quite a few of them! One of my favorite animals is the manatee. They are such nice creatures and are incredibly gentle. One time, I hopped on the back of one in Tortuguero National Park and I saw the park like never before! But you don't have to be a small tree frog to swim with the manatees; humans can just as easily go diving or snorkeling alongside these fragile mammals. Even if you're staying in Costa Rica all inclusive resorts, you may want to take a side trip to view these majestic creatures...[More]
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