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One of the places that I have found most haunting in my travels is Sanatorio Durán. I must admit, I’ve been too scared to take a full tour of the structure; I’ve only hopped around the general premises. I have, however, researched the history of the building, and I have spoken to many travelers and locals that have braved a tour. Here’s what I think you should know about Sanatorio Durán, often referred to as one of the most haunted places in Costa Rica, to help you decide if you want to visit or not... [More]
Costa Rica is most widely known as a tropical paradise that holds its own as one of the most beautiful and diverse locations on the planet. I love to hop around from place to place, exploring the local legends and historical landmarks. Sometimes though, just sometimes, I feel a chill that I can't quite explain. There are places in Costa Rica that have haunting stories that would satisfy any visiting ghost-hunter. In fact, several ghost hunters have visited spots where legend tells of paranormal activity, including investigators from Ghost Hunters International. Though I prefer to be haunted by the beauty of Costa Rica, here are a few stories that are haunting for different reasons... [More]
While there is no shortage of amazing sites and landmarks to see in my homeland, there are few that are quite as impressive as Costa Rica's volcanoes. Even though these unique mountains make a tree frog like me feel even smaller, it's hard not to be impressed by these towering heaps. Over the years, these natural wonders have inspired more than awe, however, as many of Costa Rica's most popular volcanoes are the subject of local legend. Let's learn about some of these massive mounds, shall we?[More]
As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central America, Costa Rica attracts a lot of travelers who like to cut loose and have a good time. While my siblings and I have been known to have some fun ourselves, we're always careful not to overdo things. That's because we know that partygoers who go overboard will have to deal with los cadejos. What's that? You haven't heard of los cadejos? Well sit back and let me tell you why most Ticos know how to have a good time responsibly...[More]
Costa Rica is famed for its stunning natural diversity and exotic wildlife, including tree frogs like me! It is also the setting for many myths. According to local legend, the story of the rualdo bird is tied to Poas Volcano. Let's learn more about this mysterious bird and how it came to be spoken of in tribal folklore...[More]
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