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August 2013 posts from Javi the Frog's Travel Blog

Are you looking for an escape from reality? From city-made smog, traffic congestion, cell phones and jam-packed schedules? I've been to a lot of hotels in Costa Rica, but one of my absolute favorites is the Punta Islita Hotel, which sits along the stunning Pacific coast in the mountainside. Overlooking the shoreline, this pool offers a stunning infinity pool, sustainable par-3, 9-hole golf course; two on-site restaurants and luxurious accommodations. Trust me: You'll never want to leave this hotel!...[More]
If you know anything about Costa Rica, it's probably that we have stunning beaches and spectacular coffee! Because of the ideal climate of several regions here and the volcanic soil, Costa Rica is able to produce rich, smooth coffee that is sure to get your morning started off on the right foot. In Costa Rica, coffee is more than just a drink to get you going when you're sleepy, it's a way of life. In fact, there is a deep-rooted history in Costa Rica's coffee beans here, so just by drinking a cup of joe, you are adding to the story...[More]
Guanacaste is the most visited region in Costa Rica, and for good reason! While I spend a lot of my time traveling the country, I always find myself coming back to the province for its warm coastal waters and tranquil beaches. Lush tropical forests hang along the sandy shoreline here, making it the perfect place for both families and couples. If you want to visit Playa Potrero, there's no better Costa Rica hotel to stay in than Bahia del Sol. Located on the second safest beach of Costa Rica, this hotel features everything a traveler may want in a resort. I recently stayed here and loved it so much that I want to share my experience with you!...[More]
Living in Costa Rica, I am lucky enough to have access to some of the world's most beautiful volcanoes, including the Poas. As such a unique geological formation that attracts a wide array of wildlife, volcanoes are vibrant and simply beautiful. That is why one of my favorite places to visit is the Colinas Del Poas, which offers travelers exciting options for adventure! This center is one of the best in the area, and is the perfect place for those who want to have a taste of everything. Here you can go zip lining, explore the lake, dine on the extraordinary cuisine at the on-site restaurant and much more. Hop along with me, and I'll tell you all about my time spent here![More]
When you're visiting Costa Rica, you should take advantage of the beautiful weather every chance you get. One of the most magnificent times to head outdoors is right when the sun is about to set, turning the sky beautiful hues of orange, red and yellow. Whether you are staying inland or along the coastline, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the rainbow of colors painted across the sky. But, there are a few spots around Costa Rica that stand out from the rest. These are my favorite places to hop along the shoreline at dusk.[More]
As a frog, I can appreciate this half land, half water ecosystem - it's almost like they are the amphibians of the plant world! Home to monkeys, crabs and local bats, mangroves in Costa Rica are also the preferred habitat of giant palm, vibrant hibiscus and alluring legumes. They are at once an extremely tranquil, yet exciting environment - whenever a tour is headed into a mangrove, I'm always apt to jump in a kayak and enjoy the ride...[More]
Did you know that Costa Rica is on its way toward being 100 percent sustainable? With all of our rainforests, lush flowers and gorgeous scenery, it's no surprise! In Costa Rica, we love and care about our landscape so we do our best to preserve it. That's why you'll find a lot of eco-friendly hotels across the country. On your next Costa Rica vacation, you can be rest assured that you aren't leaving your carbon footprint behind. Here are some of the best gems in the lowlands of Costa Rica...[More]
Going to the rainforest is one of the best parts of visiting Costa Rica, so why not sleep in one? No, you don't have to climb up into the canopy and cuddle with the sloths (although, that'd be fun, wouldn't it?). There are plenty of beautiful, trendy and chic tree house hotels that will give you a whole new outlook of the beautiful Costa Rican landscape. Come hop along with me and I'll share some of my favorite Costa Rica hotels that are just above ground!...[More]
Some people may shy away from winged creatures that only come out at night, but bats are actually very interesting! Costa Rica offers the Monteverde Bat Jungle, a place where you'll get to learn about all of the little details of a bat's life, such as the creature's diet, wings, roosting habits and the diversity of the animals within the bat family. While I must say I am terrified of bats, (they find frogs to be quite delicious, eek!) the exhibits at the Monteverde Bat Jungle are very fun to look through, and luckily, I was protected from the bats by a glass window!...[More]
You may think that my life as a traveling frog is pretty leisurely, but it can get hectic bouncing from town to town. That's why when I stayed with Stay In Costa Rica, I took full advantage of the luxury accommodations! There is virtually no reason for leaving this massive complex because everything you could want in a Costa Rica vacation can be found on the grounds. I will warn you, you're not going to want to leave this paradise! There's a reason why the complex was rated as one of the world's best by Travel + Leisure magazine...[More]
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