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October 2014 posts from Javi the Frog's Travel Blog

Costa Rica is most widely known as a tropical paradise that holds its own as one of the most beautiful and diverse locations on the planet. I love to hop around from place to place, exploring the local legends and historical landmarks. Sometimes though, just sometimes, I feel a chill that I can't quite explain. There are places in Costa Rica that have haunting stories that would satisfy any visiting ghost-hunter. In fact, several ghost hunters have visited spots where legend tells of paranormal activity, including investigators from Ghost Hunters International. Though I prefer to be haunted by the beauty of Costa Rica, here are a few stories that are haunting for different reasons... [More]
Disney may be the happiest place on earth, but Costa Rica has many happy places. Take that mouse boy! From nature to technology (or a lack of), and from racing to relaxing, here are 8 places you can visit in Costa Rica if smiling and being generally happy is something that you’re in to... [More]
Towns sometimes outlive their own usefulness, and when they do, it looks freaking awesome. Here are 8 cities that were left to ruin, but it definitely didn't ruin the interesting view...[More]
Manuel Antonio Playita Beach on Around Beautiful Costa Rica Tour
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