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June 2012 posts from Javi the Frog's Travel Blog

Thousands of visitors come to Costa Rica every year to enjoy the azure waters off the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Surfing is one of the most popular activities in Costa Rica, with professionals and novices taking to the water. But what if you've never surfed before? Riding waves takes patience and practice, but it's well worth the effort and perseverance.[More]
When I'm hopping through the rainforest, I often see groups of tourists boating down the rivers on rafts! No matter how experienced you are, there's a white water rafting adventure waiting for you. Come with me and let's learn about this exciting way to see Costa Rica![More]
Sometimes, when I'm hopping through the rainforest, I see tourists whiz past me on mountain bikes. It sure does look like a lot of fun, but I don't think they make bikes in my size! Follow me to learn more about this exciting sport![More]
If you think of Costa Rican cuisine, chances are you'll imagine local favorites like gallo pinto, casado or arroz con pollo. However, Ticos like variety when it comes to their dining, and traditional Japanese cuisine such as sushi is becoming wildly popular with locals and visitors alike. Let's find out more about sushi restaurants in Costa Rica![More]
When you're hungry after a long day trekking through the rainforest, sometimes it's best to stick to what you know by visiting American chain restaurants. Tourists visiting Costa Rica from the U.S. may be pleasantly surprised to learn that many of their favorite eateries from back home are taking off here in a major way. Let's find out more about these outlets and the delicious food they serve![More]
Known for their laid-back lifestyle and hospitality, Ticos also tend to be a strongly religious people. Spirituality has shaped much of Costa Rica's history and cultural heritage, and remains an important part of many people's lives here. Come with me to learn more about religion in Costa Rica![More]
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