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After a long day luxuriating on Costa Rica's stunning beaches or exploring lush rainforests, nothing beats grabbing a cold brew with the locals. If you're planning on spending time in Cartago, you've got plenty of options when it comes to local watering holes. Come with me and let's find the best places to grab a drink![More]
When visiting Costa Rica, tourists often decide to stay in the capital of San Jose due to its central location. Many of the country's national parks and cultural attractions are within easy reach of the city, making it a perfect base of operations for curious explorers. However, hiking around the rainforest can be thirsty work, and nothing beats chilling out with the locals and enjoying a cold beer. Follow me to find the best bars in the Central Valley![More]
When it comes to dining out, Ticos like to keep their options open. Although the food here is almost as diverse as the landscape, many Costa Ricans love Chinese food. In fact, the country has quite a large Chinese population, meaning that there's always some great chow just around the corner. Come with me and find out the best places to grab Chinese cuisine in Costa Rica![More]
It's no secret that Ticos like to enjoy a cold beer after a long day. Although locally brewed favorites like Imperial and Pilsen are common in Costa Rican bars and restaurants, the number of craft beers produced here has been a little lacking. However, as microbrewing has become popular around the world, Ticos are catching on and a number of small, independent brewers are producing some of the finest craft beers in Central America. Let's learn more about the newest players on the craft beer scene and their delicious products![More]
The Costa Rican people, known colloquially as Ticos, are famed for their laid-back lifestyle. After a long day, many Costa Ricans enjoy relaxing in the tropical weather with an ice-cold brew. If you're a fan of the amber nectar, you might be wondering what Costa Rican beer is like. Come with me to find out![More]
For tourists visiting Costa Rica, the capital of San Jose often serves as an ideal base of operations. With so many of the country's national parks within reach, San Jose is the perfect place to stay if you're planning a hiking vacation in southern inland Costa Rica. Come with me to learn more about the best hikes in this beautiful region![More]
Many tourists visiting Costa Rica decide to stay in the capital of San Jose. Not only does this thriving urban center have a wealth of things to see and do, its central location makes it an ideal starting point for hiking expeditions in Costa Rica's northern inland region. Follow me and let's explore the best hiking trails in this beautiful part of the country! ...[More]
When I'm out and about, traveling through Costa Rica's rainforests with my brothers and sisters, there are few areas we like to explore as much as the Caribbean Coast, and we often see tourists making their way through the jungle on their own adventures. This area is one of the most biologically diverse in the whole country, thanks to its miles of sandy beaches, tropical forests and mangrove swamps. Come with me to discover the best places to go hiking on the Caribbean Coast! [More]
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