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October 2012 posts from Javi the Frog's Travel Blog

Tortuguero National Park in Limon is one of Costa Rica's most beautiful conservation areas. Boasting lush jungles, miles of canals and some of the country's most exotic wildlife, Tortuguero is the ideal place for tourists to enjoy Costa Rica by water. To really appreciate the stunning natural beauty of this national park, take a canoe ride down one of its many canals and rivers...[More]
Not every inhabitant of Costa Rica's lush rainforests and dense jungles is as friendly and cute as me! In fact, some of the denizens of Costa Rica's national parks are downright deadly. Come with me to learn more about three of the most dangerous snakes in Latin America...[More]
When you're hiking through the lush Costa Rican rainforest, you might see exotic birds flying through the air above you. Ever wondered what it'd be like to soar above the canopy of the trees and see the jungle as the birds do? Well, you can see the incredible scenery of Costa Rica's national parks by taking a canopy tour. Come with me to discover the best places to explore the rainforest from above![More]
Nothing beats lounging on a secluded beach when it comes to getting away from it all. Fortunately, Costa Rica has two coastlines boasting miles of unspoilt sands, isolated coves and crystal-clear waters. If you're looking for the ultimate relaxing getaway during your vacation to Costa Rica, come with me to explore the most tranquil beaches in the country! ...[More]
Costa Rica is literally a tropical paradise. Home to approximately 5 percent of the world's biodiversity, this stunning natural variety is what makes national parks such as the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve such a magical place. Home to an incredible array of exotic birds, animals and plants - including tree frogs! - no trip to Costa Rica is complete without a tour of this remarkable cloud forest...[More]
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