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The most important thing to know about vacationing in Costa Rica is that there’s no such thing as a bad time to visit. The country is a popular vacation destination year-round for good reason, with a temperate climate and plenty of things to do no matter the season... [More]
Costa Rica is home to an abundance of natural wonders that mingle together to create some of the most beautiful scenery around! On my journeys, I have been along streams, mountain springs and through forests to find hundreds of waterfalls that are truly majestic....[More]
Looking for gorgeous sun, smooth sand and lots of fun? You must visit Costa Rica during Spring Break 2020. Whether you want to experience a beachside party in the twilight or enjoy a more adventurous experience – like ziplining through the forest – I’ll be happy to show you around... [More]
Monteverde in Costa Rica, is one of those places that you visit expecting to see beauty, but still have your breath taken away when you get there. The beauty in this area is natural, thanks to conservation efforts that date back to the early settlement years of Monteverde... [More]
With nearly 27 percent of the land devoted to national reserves and a total of 28 nationals parks, there's no denying that Costa Rica has some truly remarkable standouts of nature. Volcanoes, rain forests, waterfalls and a vast diversity of flora and fauna fill these parks - many of my relatives reside in these areas as well! While it was hard to narrow down a list, here are the top 5 national parks of Costa Rica:...[More]
When you plan on dedicating six days to your Costa Rica vacation, you have a lot of ways you can spend the time. You should naturally plan it out for when the Costa Rica weather is going to be pristine, so that you can enjoy it to the fullest... [More]
Living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world means that you don’t have to travel very far to enjoy paradise. November mark the transition between Rainy and Dry season and December is when many Ticos travel domestically... [More]
Today, we’re going to visit five of the best spots for Costa Rica birdwatching. We have more than 600 resident avian species and more than 200 migratory species. From colorful toucans in the forest to the magnificent frigatebird off the beaches... [More]
Off the coastlines, underneath the waters of the Pacific and the Caribbean, lies an expansive other world that makes it no wonder that scuba diving is such a popular activity for visitors. Scuba diving is so popular here that some people even leave Costa Rica with their scuba diving certification... [More]
Starting in the fall of 2014, Turrialba has been an active area. So active, in fact, that the area has been closed to tourists. The question that everyone is asking is if this is just a tantrum, or if the volcano will throw a full­on, real, dangerous fit. Are these small eruptions as bad as it will get, or is a scary eruption in the near future?... [More]
I’ve spent years traveling through Costa Rica, and plenty of that time has been spent exploring the incredible Osa Peninsula region. Now, I’m ready to share my secrets with you! Hopefully one day soon you get the chance to explore this area yourself! And when you do, make sure that you bring the best camera that you can get your hands on!... [More]
Costa Rica is a place of pure beauty, and a country with a lot of places to explore. There is something exciting to do, no matter which province you visit. Here is an overview of each province, and the most highly­-rated activity to do while visiting each... [More]
If you’ve never been to Costa Rica, good for you. I mean, the place is just SO GREEN. You shouldn’t bother going. The government has been so focused on protecting the natural land and environment, that there are just trees and animals everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. Would it kill them to have a couple more Starbucks or a mall for tourists to shop at? Where do they expect us to get our coffee – at the local coffee stands and restaurants run by the locals? I’m pretty sure they grew the coffee themselves, and I just don’t know how to feel about that. At least with Starbucks, I know the coffee beans go through a whole corporate process before they get to me, and I’m sure they are just as fresh as locally­-grown beans... [More]
Latin America offers many beautiful attractions for visitors. Here are five of the hottest adventure spots that you should definitely add to you bucket list... [More]
For years Costa Rica has been ranked as one of the top 10 cleanest countries in the world. All my frog friends and I couldn't be happier! On top of that, my home has blazed the trail for ecotourists everywhere, boasting a reputation of being "green". It's no surprise, then, that Costa Rica is a stunning place to stargaze...[More]
It was hard for me to come up with this list - my home has so many great things - but I have attempted to create a few must-dos during your Costa Rica escapes! If you are limited on time and need a list that boils the country's attractions down, here are my absolute must-sees and must-dos for tourists seeking to take advance of everything the country has to offer...[More]
When you're visiting Costa Rica, you should take advantage of the beautiful weather every chance you get. One of the most magnificent times to head outdoors is right when the sun is about to set, turning the sky beautiful hues of orange, red and yellow. Whether you are staying inland or along the coastline, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the rainbow of colors painted across the sky. But, there are a few spots around Costa Rica that stand out from the rest. These are my favorite places to hop along the shoreline at dusk.[More]
I was recently hopping along through the town of Turrialba in Cartago and ran into one of the newest and largest hydroelectric plants in Costa Rica! I was so excited because it doesn't emit greenhouse gas byproducts, which is good for me, my habitat and my friends, and brings my native land one step closer to becoming a carbon-neutral country. We're already well on our way - my environmentalist brother Henrique told me that 80 percent of electricity is created like this already. Green energy aside though; that isn't even why I'm telling you about this beautiful spot it also doubles as a beautiful lagoon!...[More]
There are some pockets of Costa Rica that don't have a pinch of modern living and that's the best reason to visit! The small town of Monteverde sits off a long dirt road branching from the Pan American Highway in the Central Highlands region of the country. You probably want to visit Monteverde because of the stunning cloud forest, but there are several other attractions that you can pack into a 24-hour visit at this mountaintop haven. Won't you join me in all of my favorite adventures of this region?...[More]
Costa Rica is ranked as one of the top eco-friendly destinations in the world, with 25 percent of the land protected or conserved. Many believe this trend stems from a book that was published in the late 1980s by F. Gary Stiles and Alexander Skutch called "A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica". This bird-watching guide drew more people to the area and a plan for nation-wide tourism was born. Costa Rica is home to a rich and diverse environment where thousands of flora and fauna species live - but you probably already know that. As a tree frog, I've always been pleased with the way humans enjoy my country; it makes me feel like a celebrity...[More]
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