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Food in Costa Rica is second only to the country’s beauty. Known for its use of fresh ingredients, like fruits and vegetables, the cuisine in Costa Rica is generally on the mild side... [More]

If you are someone that travels a lot, then you have probably seen many gorgeous places, and had many amazing cups of coffee.

I’m sure the sights and cup o’ Joe were satisfying wherever you were, but, and I may be biased, you won’t find a better landscape or drink a better cup of coffee than when you’re in Costa Rica... [More]

There are many things in Costa Rica that you might not be able to do since your travel time is limited – but the tropical fruits are plentiful, so you have no excuses. I recommend that the following fresh fruits become a part of your visit to Costa Rica... [More]
I’m one spoiled Costa Rican frog; my job requires me to hop to the most luxurious hotels in the country so that I can give you my reviews. Most recently, I was able to check in to the JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort & Spa in Hacienda Pinilla...[More]
I’m so lucky to get to travel around Costa Rica and stay at some of the best hotels that the country has to offer. Recently, I got to stay on location at Alma del Pacifico Beach Hotel & Spa, a beach resort in the Central Pacific region, along Playa Esterillos Este...[More]
It is official: there is a beer revolution happening in Costa Rica. Craft brewing has arrived in my country in a big way, and I’m excited to taste all the new flavors. There are so many options available, and in Costa Rica we’re celebrating the creativity of this phenomena and the sense of community that it is building. The U.S. and the U.K. are largely responsible for this movement, as craft brewing has been popular in those countries for some time now... [More]
Of all the types of tours that you can take in Costa Rica – and there are many types – my all-time favorite might be one that is a little less traditional: a chocolate tour! While I’ve been hopping around cacao trees for years, admiring their beauty, actual organized tours have become very popular in Costa Rica lately.. [More]
Final boarding call for...a table of two! One of my favorite things to talk about is Costa Rica cuisine. I love a good meal, and even more than that, I love having a unique dining experience...[More]
It might be the best part of travel. Yeah, I said that. Here are some of the most popular foods from abroad. I dare you to get to the end and not be drooling... [More]
When they say "World's Best Cup of Coffee", these guys may actually have a point. Check out these spots around the world that may just hold a candle to the name...[More]
Not everyone can bring spinach dip. Somebody has to be the impressive one at the party, and this year, that person is going to be you. Try something new by trying your hand at these classic recipes from a variety of Latin American countries... [More]
If you're like me, you love trying new foods when you travel! Getting to taste the cuisine of a certain country or region tells a lot about the people who live there, the culture and beliefs. I was very excited when I found out I was getting the opportunity to go to one of my favorite places in Costa Rica: Que Rico Arenal Restaurant. Situated right in front of the gorgeous Arenal Volcano, Que Rico offers a unique dining experience with sprawling views and yummy dishes...[More]
The pristine white sands and calm waters of Playa Samara may be among the top reasons why it is a travelers' hub (I know I love hanging out here), but the eclectic and local cuisine offered in this region is just as attractive. There are plenty of Costa Rican all-inclusive resorts in the region where you can just walk to and from your hotel room. From fresh exotic fruits and organic farms to carefully crafted dishes served beach side, Playa Samara is just as much a foodie's paradise as it is a beach dweller's dream. I may only be a tree frog, but I've hoped my way through Playa Samara quite a few times and noticed the sights and smells of a few popular restaurants. Although I couldn't indulge myself, that doesn't mean you shouldn't!...[More]
Since 1908, the Vargas family has been growing Costa Rican coffee on the Doka Coffee Plantation in Sabanilla de Alajuela. This estate produces some of the highest quality coffee in the country along the slopes of the Alajuela Poas Volcano. Because of the fertile soil, perfect altitude and ideal climate, the Vargas family is able to produce eight different blends of coffee. This plantation uses a century-old water mill from England that powers the plantation, and the Costa Rican government designated it as a historical and architectural heritage site...[More]
Costa Rica is a foodie's paradise. With near-perfect growing conditions for crops year-round, our beautiful country offers travelers the opportunity to indulge in a variety of delicious meals any time of the year. Depending on when you visit, there are a number of seasonal foods that are sure to make your mouth water...[More]
Since the weather in Costa Rica is ideal for growing, it's no surprise that there is some unbelievable coffee here! Some of the best Joe you'll find is grown high in the Talamanca Mountain Range in Tarrazu, Costa Rica. There are many blends of coffee sold in other countries that are grown here as well...[More]
If you've been following my adventures for a while, you'll know how much I love to get out and enjoy the delicious food in Costa Rica. One of the best places to find top-quality restaurants is the capital of San Jose. A world of flavors from across the globe awaits you in this bustling city, so come with me to discover the best restaurants in San Jose!...[More]
Ticos know that the secret to good food isn't just how you cook, it's what you cook. Although Costa Rican restaurants often use local produce, many high-end eateries at popular resorts often import their produce. Now, thanks to the efforts of a select few visionary restaurateurs, "locavore" cuisine is taking off in Costa Rica in a big way. A "locavore" is someone who eats food made from ingredients sourced locally, as opposed to ingredients that have traveled great distances. Let's find out more about this emerging culinary trend! ...[More]
Exploring the beautiful Costa Rican countryside can be hungry work! When you're out and about discovering the hidden gems of Alajuela, why not stop at Charly's for some chicharones? I can't figure out why anyone would prefer these tasty treats to a delicious dragonfly, but to each their own, I suppose![More]
If you think of Costa Rican cuisine, chances are you'll imagine local favorites like gallo pinto, casado or arroz con pollo. However, Ticos like variety when it comes to their dining, and traditional Japanese cuisine such as sushi is becoming wildly popular with locals and visitors alike. Let's find out more about sushi restaurants in Costa Rica![More]
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