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When you plan on dedicating six days to your Costa Rica vacation, you have a lot of ways you can spend the time. You should naturally plan it out for when the Costa Rica weather is going to be pristine, so that you can enjoy it to the fullest... [More]
Sure, you travel a lot. But, are you a great traveler? Are you traveling just so that you can say you did, or are you actually traveling for the experience? No one wants to hear you brag about your trips all the time – unless you have done something incredible with your travel. Give your travel some purpose by making some goals for your traveling alter ego... [More]
If I had to pick my favorite two-winged wonder in Costa Rica, it would have to be the resplendent quetzal bird. Famous for its majestic coloring and long feathered tails, quetzals are considered the most beautiful bird in the world. They can be found in the mountain forests of this Costa Rica, where they call home. They are currently a "near threatened" species, making them fairly challenging to spot. But rest assured, with my frog instincts, we'll be sure to cast our eyes on this resplendent sky-bound creature...[More]
In most parts of the country, September and October are considered the heaviest rain season - which is perfect for me! However, if you're a human who's planning your trip during this time and you'd rather stay dry, there are still some places to go to avoid getting drenched. From Puerto Viejo de Talamanco to Monteverde, you'll find world-class surfing, zip-lines and turtle-watching on this Costa Rica vacation, all while leaving your umbrella at home.[More]
Living in Costa Rica, I am lucky enough to have access to some of the world's most beautiful volcanoes, including the Poas. As such a unique geological formation that attracts a wide array of wildlife, volcanoes are vibrant and simply beautiful. That is why one of my favorite places to visit is the Colinas Del Poas, which offers travelers exciting options for adventure! This center is one of the best in the area, and is the perfect place for those who want to have a taste of everything. Here you can go zip lining, explore the lake, dine on the extraordinary cuisine at the on-site restaurant and much more. Hop along with me, and I'll tell you all about my time spent here![More]
Are you in the mood for some international travel, but aren't sure where to go? Costa Rica is home to a plethora of kid-friendly amenities and attractions, and you won't have to break the bank to spend a week here. From endlessly stunning beaches to hiking to thrilling canopy adventures, Costa Rica is like a kid's playground! And the animals it's like going to a massive zoo, safari and aquatic park all in one place! The best part about it? Kids don't have to see animals behind bars or in small cages! Sure, I may be biased, but let me fill you in on a few secrets to my homeland that might steer you toward booking your next family Costa Rica vacation!...[More]
As one of the largest active volcanic craters in the world, Poas Volcano attracts thousands of visitors every year. Towering high above the rainforests of Alajuela, Poas is one of my favorite places to go exploring. Once you've ascended this mighty mountain and seen the breathtaking views from the summit, why not take a canopy tour of the lush jungle that surrounds the volcano?...[More]
Manuel Antonio National Park is one of my favorite wildlife refuges in Costa Rica. Aside from the fact that several of my brothers and sisters live there, the views of the Pacific Coast are amazing! That's not the only reason you should visit this beautiful park, though. If you're the adventurous type, you can explore the treetops of the jungles surrounding Manuel Antonio on an exciting canopy tour. Come with me to learn more about these thrilling excursions through the rainforest!...[More]
What better way to experience the beauty of Costa Rica than from up along the canopies like all the native animals? Zip lining or Canopy Tours as it is often called in Costa Rica is a perfect adventure for humans - but not as easy for frogs like me - because you get to speed through the air high above the treetops! The first time I saw someone on a Superman zip line, I thought it was a large bird flying above! People go whizzing through the sky at high speeds, and get a view of Costa Rica that I'll never get to see...[More]
When you're hiking through the lush Costa Rican rainforest, you might see exotic birds flying through the air above you. Ever wondered what it'd be like to soar above the canopy of the trees and see the jungle as the birds do? Well, you can see the incredible scenery of Costa Rica's national parks by taking a canopy tour. Come with me to discover the best places to explore the rainforest from above![More]
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