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May 2013 posts from Javi the Frog's Travel Blog

I was recently hopping along through the town of Turrialba in Cartago and ran into one of the newest and largest hydroelectric plants in Costa Rica! I was so excited because it doesn't emit greenhouse gas byproducts, which is good for me, my habitat and my friends, and brings my native land one step closer to becoming a carbon-neutral country. We're already well on our way - my environmentalist brother Henrique told me that 80 percent of electricity is created like this already. Green energy aside though; that isn't even why I'm telling you about this beautiful spot it also doubles as a beautiful lagoon!...[More]
There are some pockets of Costa Rica that don't have a pinch of modern living and that's the best reason to visit! The small town of Monteverde sits off a long dirt road branching from the Pan American Highway in the Central Highlands region of the country. You probably want to visit Monteverde because of the stunning cloud forest, but there are several other attractions that you can pack into a 24-hour visit at this mountaintop haven. Won't you join me in all of my favorite adventures of this region?...[More]
You may think that Costa Rica is only for thrill-seekers and sun bathers, but it offers plenty of options to people of all ages! Throughout my travels across this great land, I've run into diverse crowds of people, and people in post-retirement - in my froggy opinion - are among the happiest. After your children have left the nest and your career has ended, what better way is there to celebrate than an adventure in the rainforest? Here are some of the most ideal things to do on your post-retirement trip to Costa Rica come and hop along with me!...[More]
Have you ever wanted to wake up and see a towering volcano out your window? At the Arenal Volcano Inn, that's a reality! During my recent travels across Costa Rica, I was lucky enough to stay here, and I must say it lived up to all the hype! Featuring 25 hotel rooms, this Inn is fairly secluded so you'll be able to relax, but it's within just a few steps or hops in my case to some of the best resources available at in La Fortuna. Not convinced yet? I'll share with you the tales of my adventure and it might just change your mind...[More]
Living in the rainforest of Costa Rica, I may not have immediate access to music like you imagine, but I get to hear some of the most beautiful natural harmonies in the world. From the birds chirping tunes to monkeys howling in unison, nature is one of the greatest places to find entertainment. Costa Rica has a long tradition of folklore music that is unparalleled, and modern music is similarly as unique. You'll find people dancing the night away to salsa, meringue or cumbia rhythms in discos every weekend. Sometimes you just can't help yourself but join in on the fun! As one of the most vibrant parts of Costa Rica culture, I'd like to share with you the history and background of all the sounds you hear looming across the country...[More]
Have you ever been white water rafting? It's one of the most thrilling experiences I've ever had!! The great people at Wave Expeditions in La Fortuna helped me get over my fear of raging down a river for the first time. Man, was I nervous! But I was able to lead the boat down the rapids and my sticky feet pads made it easy for me to grip on tight...[More]
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