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September 2014 posts from Javi the Frog's Travel Blog

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Coupled travelers: should you be leaving on a jet plane, hitting the highway or packing light? While planning a couple’s trip, try to stop saying “my way.” The place that you definitely do not want anything to do with. Wherever it is that you always had to go with your family when you were a kid. The place you used to live. The place that you hate the most. This is probably the sole place that your significant other wants to go... [More]
Costa Rica is beautiful and serene, but there is a dark side. With all the great power of nature comes the great responsibility of being home to some of nature’s most deadly and feared animals and predators. Here are a few to look out for avoid during your visit... [More]
Whether you met "your new best friend" during a night out in Vegas or "the coolest surfer" on the beach in Coast Rica , your vacation buddies are in danger of being put into something worse than the friend zone…[More]
It’s a nice day for a destination wedding. Well, for the couple getting married at least. These wedding destinations might not be as exciting for the guests. Let’s just hope there is an open bar...[More]
Choosing whether to visit Costa Rica or Hawaii can still be a major decision. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably trying to make that decision right now... [More]
There are lots of ways to recharge a stressed brain that will have more permanent effects than a ball that you squeeze to distract you for a few moments. Here are 10 ways to help control your inner Hulk:.. [More]
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