The Costa Rican people, known colloquially as Ticos, are famed for their laid-back lifestyle. After a long day, many Costa Ricans enjoy relaxing in the tropical weather with an ice-cold brew. If you're a fan of the amber nectar, you might be wondering what Costa Rican beer is like. Come with me to find out!

Imperial Beer - La Cerveza de Costa Rica
Imperial Beer - La Cerveza de Costa Rica

National flavor

When it comes to beer in Costa Rica, there's only one major player - the Florida Ice & Farm Company. This brewer has been producing a variety of beverages in Costa Rica for more than 100 years, and offers a range of lagers to suit every taste.

Imperial is Costa Rica's favorite beer, hands-down. First brewed in 1924, Imperial was produced to introduce German brewing traditions to Central America, and the beverage has become the national beer of Costa Rica. Sold in bars all over the country, Imperial has a smooth, balanced flavor and offers a crisp, refreshing taste - perfect for relaxing after a long day hiking through the rainforest or lounging around on the beach! Imperial is also available in lighter varieties, with fewer calories and lower alcohol contents.

Discerning taste

Imperial isn't the only brew that's popular with Ticos. Pilsen is also enjoyed by locals and tourists alike, and Florida Ice & Farm have been producing the drink since 1888. A little more bitter than Imperial, Pilsen is an ideal brew for fans of full-bodied, hoppy lagers. This brand is an excellent accompaniment to meals, and the Costa Rican culture of enjoying food with alcoholic beverages makes Pilsen a perennial favorite.

If you're familiar with European lagers, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that Heineken is also widely available. Many of the locals prefer the more endemic spirits, but since Heineken was first introduced to Costa Rica since 1986, it has grown to become one of the most popular beers in the country.

There are a couple of other regionally produced brews for visitors to enjoy during their stay in Costa Rica, including Rock Ice. Brewed in a slightly different manner to other Costa Rican beers, the libation is chilled after production so the water in the beer turns to ice crystals, offering a clean, crisp taste. Rock Ice is also available in citrus and fruity varieties, making it a popular beverage during the high season.