If you think of Costa Rican cuisine, chances are you'll imagine local favorites like gallo pinto, casado or arroz con pollo. However, Ticos like variety when it comes to their dining, and traditional Japanese cuisine such as sushi is becoming wildly popular with locals and visitors alike. Let's find out more about sushi restaurants in Costa Rica!

Samurai Sushi Restaurant in Escazu Costa Rica
Samurai Sushi Restaurant in Escazu Costa Rica

Authentic Japanese flavor

Contrary to what you might think, sushi restaurants in Costa Rica are far from uncommon. Most suburbs have at least one of these establishments, and larger areas often have several, ranging from large chains to smaller privately owned restaurants.

For example, one of the most popular sushi places in the country is Sushi Kai, located in Lindora. This restaurant is famed for its experienced chefs, friendly atmosphere and tasty dishes. The yellowtail sashimi, in particular, comes highly recommended!

If you're in the mood for sushi after lounging around on the country's stunning beaches, you might want to keep an eye out for a Samurai restaurant. This chain has many locations throughout Costa Rica, with more opening all the time. Offering guests great food at reasonable prices, Samurai is one of the most popular sushi chains in the country. Other popular chain restaurants located in many areas include Ichiban, Matsuri and Okami Sushi.

Culinary expertise

Although chains can be a convenient and affordable way to enjoy fresh sushi, if you're looking for an authentic Japanese culinary experience, you'll probably want to head for one of the privately owned restaurants found throughout Costa Rica.

In San Pedro, sushi lovers should head to either Hanabi or Satto Sushi. With locations in both San Pedro and Lindora, these smaller establishments serve only the freshest fish using locally sourced ingredients. The chefs are extremely talented, and their creations are renowned for their innovative flavors and reasonable prices.

Wok and Roll in Playa Tamarindo also comes highly recommended. Blending authentic Japanese cuisine with Vietnamese flavors, the owner and head chef is renowned for only choosing the freshest catches for her dishes. Also, the Vietnamese spring rolls at Wok and Roll are a must!

Sushi is quickly becoming one of the most popular varieties of international cuisine in Costa Rica. After enjoying everything the spectacular scenery, why not enjoy a taste of Japan at one of the many fine restaurants found throughout the country?