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History Posts - Page 2 in Javi the Frog's Travel Blog

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You may not know this about tree frogs, but we're very smart! I love learning about history, and since I live in Costa Rica there is plenty to explore. One of my favorite places to learn about the past is Heredia. Both a province and a city, Heredia it steeped in rich culture. The city itself dates back to 1705. Nicknamed the “City of Flowers,” Heredia is home to a wonderful array of flora and fauna, and there are several vibrant gardens throughout town. But the real beauty here lies in the historical monuments and unmatched colonial architecture...[More]
Costa Rica is one of the world's leading destinations for eco-tourism and sustainability, which is why I love it so much! A lot of native Ticos use their hands to keep traditional arts alive, and let me tell you, the pottery they create is impressive. You may think that I just travel through the national parks and wildlife reserves in Costa Rica, but I'm a sucker for art as well. At the end of your visit, there's no true way to capture the friendly, vibrant and laid-back lifestyle and bring it home with you (unfortunately), but purchasing handmade souvenirs created by the locals may be the best solution...[More]
Taking a vacation in Costa Rica with your children can be a wonderful experience for the whole family. The capital of San Jose has much to see and do, but perhaps the most exciting place for the little ones to visit is The Children's Museum, located just north of downtown San Jose. Filled with fun and educational exhibits, a trip to this enchanting museum is sure to be an unforgettable day out for parents and kids alike...[More]
The National Museum of Costa Rica is one of my favorite tourist attractions in San Jose. Even the building itself has a fascinating history, as it used to be military barracks! The museum is home to a variety of permanent and temporary collections, and one of the most interesting is the "Human Remains" exhibition...[More]
When you're planning what to do in Costa Rica, Cartago should be on your list! As the first capital of Costa Rica, Cartago is one of the oldest communities in the country, and as you can imagine, there are some great sites to see. You may not realize it, but I am actually a huge history buff. It may be from my travels throughout Costa Rica, or all the stories that I've heard in the rainforest, but I love visiting historic areas. The ruins in Cartago, which date back to the 16th century, give you a glimpse into the rich history of Costa Rica. In 1723, an eruption of the Irazu Volcano nearly destroyed the entire town, but luckily there are still some ruins that stand today. Since the volcano sits a mere 24 miles away, there have been several eruptions that have damaged some of the ruins...[More]
Since the weather in Costa Rica is ideal for growing, it's no surprise that there is some unbelievable coffee here! Some of the best Joe you'll find is grown high in the Talamanca Mountain Range in Tarrazu, Costa Rica. There are many blends of coffee sold in other countries that are grown here as well...[More]
Today, Costa Rica is one of the most peaceful and prosperous countries in Latin America. We don't even have a military any more! However, this lasting peace was the result of a dark period in Costa Rica's history - the civil war of 1948. Come with me to learn more about this historic conflict....[More]
We're all still a little shaken after this week's earthquake, but fortunately, there doesn't seem to have been much damage and very few people were hurt. Sadly, this wasn't the case back in 1991, when another powerful tremor shook the country, causing widespread damage and casualties. Although the quake was a little before my time - I wasn't even a tadpole back then! - some of the locals remember it well.[More]
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