It’s a nice day for a destination wedding. Well, for the couple getting married at least. These wedding destinations might not be as exciting for the guests. Let’s just hope there is an open bar.

Happy couple getting married in SafariHappy couple getting married in SafariPhoto Credit : Jacki Bruniquel

1) Into the Wild: Safari Weddings

I mean, the zebras are already dressed for a black & white event. Now…if you can only figure out to get a bow tie on a lion…

Bonus: You can control the guests by telling them that they need to be quiet so they don’t disturb the animals. There might be some fighting, but, hey, at least it will be the animals and not your in-laws.

Negative: You probably can’t fit in the Electric Slide. Or a DJ. Or a bar.

Wedding Chapel in Costa RicaWedding Chapel in Costa RicaPhoto Credit : Geoff S

2) Up in the Air: Cloud Forest Weddings

Probably the place where you can hands down get some of the most amazing wedding pictures.

Bonus: Cloud forests are popular tourist spots so besides there being plenty of lodging, you could have some strangers at your wedding that give you unexpected wedding gifts.

Negative: Fog = damp = frizz. Just bring a lot of ponytail holders for the bride and guests. And the groom if he’s rocking long locks.

Romantic Waterfall WeddingRomantic Waterfall WeddingPhoto Credit : johnhophotography

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3) Splish Splash: Waterfall Weddings

Not the most original idea, but there are many accessible waterfalls in the US and abroad that couples could book.

Bonus: If anyone gets too hot, just lean in toward the waterfall mist to cool off.

Negative: Water. Soooo much water. Try to stay dry and on land, at least until after the pictures. And keep whichever family member is the boozer away from the ledges.

Beautiful view at a Cave WeddingBeautiful view at a Cave WeddingPhoto Credit : ilovebutter

4) Echo! (Echo!): Cave Weddings

If you’re ready to take the plunge of marriage, why not take a literal plunge into a cave to say your vows?

Bonus: No need for microphones since your voices will carry. No need for extra lighting since everyone will be wearing them on their heads.


Cold but romantic Glacier WeddingCold but romantic Glacier WeddingPhoto Credit : framboise

5) Ice, Ice, Vows: Glacier Weddings

Brrrrrrring everyone together and encourage them to gather in close.

Bonus: Hopefully this is the coldest your marriage will ever get. Also, none of your guests will be wearing revealing outfits.

Negative: Uhm….did anyone notice all the ice? Can anyone hear the vows through their earmuffs?

Volcano Wedding CeremonyVolcano Wedding CeremonyPhoto Credit : admin

6) It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here: Volcano Weddings

Your relationship is just bursting with love!

Bonus: Hot springs! That could make for some interesting pictures. Maybe you could have the guests actually sit in the hot springs for the ceremony? Epic.

Negatives: Steam. Lava. Potential disaster.

Crazy 7 couple Nudism WeddingCrazy 7 couple Nudism WeddingPhoto Credit : Megan Vibert/Lauren Kaufman

7) What Are You Wearing?: Nudist Weddings

Nothing like completely exposing yourself literally AND emotionally all at once. You’ve got nothing to hide, right?

Bonus: Cut your wedding costs in half. Or more. No wedding dress, no bridesmaid dresses, no tuxes.

Negative: EVERYONE will be naked, not just the hot people.

Dangerous Shark WeddingDangerous Shark WeddingPhoto Credit : artofweddingstudios

8) Bite Me: Shark Tank Weddings

This is really a thing. People do it. They put on wet suits, masks, communications devices and get into a cage that is lowered into a shark tank. I think (hope) the guests stay above water.

Bonus: If you can survive the wedding, you can probably survive the marriage.

Negative: What if there is a SHARKNADO during your wedding?!?!!?

Rock Mountain WeddingRock Mountain WeddingPhoto Credit : John Ewing

9) It’s the Climb: Mountain Top Weddings

The couple that climbs together, stays together?

Bonus: If you can conquer Mt. Everest, you’ll be one of very few couples that have ever made it to the peak to marry.

Negative: Hahahaha nope! I’ll wait here at the bottom.

Modern Aeroplane WeddingModern Aeroplane WeddingPhoto Credit : ROBYN & TOM

10) Mile High Vows: Airplane Weddings

Thank you for flying with the bride and groom today. Today’s destination is not important. Today, it is all about the journey.

Bonus: You don’t have to worry about hors d'oeuvres – thank you in-flight peanuts and snacks!

Negative: Who let these m$%*^&ing snakes on this m$%*^&ing plane?!?! Are all the guests accidentally coming on the honeymoon with the bride and groom?