Yes, you can. There are even reasons that you SHOULD.

Whether you met “your new best friend” during a night out in Vegas or “the coolest surfer” on the beach in Costa Rica , your vacation buddies are in danger of being put into something worse than the friend zone…the “vacation is over and I can barely remember your name” zone. But…of course you CAN keep in touch with these people that feel like strangers now, but were the Garth to your Wayne not too long ago. Hold on to those memories! These days it is easy to keep in touch, and it really doesn't take much effort.

Email is always the best way
Email is always the best way


Email is a quick, easy way to drop someone a line. You don’t have to see them and you don’t have the pressure of a live conversation either. You can drag a simple conversation on for months with email. Also, you can access your email anywhere, even from your phone. From. Your. Phone. Which is on you at all times. No excuses.

Sure, but what if they are young and hip…

Keeping in Touch with Social MediaKeeping in Touch with Social MediaPhoto Credit : Kathleen

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Social Media

Social communities makes it almost too easy to know every detail of someone’s life. Instead of ignoring your vacation buddy’s friend request because you don’t want to see their nephew’s girlfriend’s graduation cake or get constant Candy Crush game requests, accept them and then edit your settings. You can make it so that you see only some, or even none, of their posts. However, you’re still able to contact them if you want to…you self-centered genius.

Sure, but what if you actually want to see them…

Video chat is also freeVideo chat is also freePhoto Credit : picjumbo

Video Chatting

Video conferences is great for long distance friendships. And there are plenty of free services including Google+ and Skype. Though there are sometimes frustrating video hiccups…(Connection lost. Please hold while we reestablish the connection)….this is still (sorry, video is frozen at this time)…a great option for keeping in touch.

Sure, but what if they are NOT young and hip…

Clasicc Mailing to a FriendClasicc Mailing to a FriendPhoto Credit : donovanbeeson

Snail Mail still exists

Yeah, remember that? You probably still have a mailbox and everything, just look outside your house. It’s there isn’t it? Well, use that thing to make your vacation buddy your new pen pal, and try to score some cool packages from their home or from their other travels. Subtly hint at things you like in your letters, so they know what to send you.

Still think that people are different when they are on vacation and not convinced that you want to keep in touch? Consider this… Keeping in touch gives you worldwide connections that can translate to free rides and local tour guides next time you travel.

And if that isn't enough…think long and hard about if these people might have compromising photos of you. Pay attention to their attempts to communicate because, well, keep your friends close and keep those that have incriminating evidence of you even closer.